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Found 22 results

  1. It's Thursday, so it's time for another CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat! Tonight's topic(s): New Cadillac Concept Premiere How to select the right mechanic The Cadillac XLR: Success? Does Cadillac need a larger car than the XTS?
  2. Tonight's CaddyInfo Live Cadillac chat will focus on the new 2015 Escalade. The chat will appear below live once it starts, or pre-recorded later. http://www.cadillac.com/future-cars/2015-escalade.html
  3. Happy I am not on the road tonight where I expected to be, and so here are our planned topics for discussion: Cadillac is announcing the new Escalade on 10/7. What do you want to see in the new Escalade? What do you expect to see? 420 hp CTS VSport put up close quartermile times to the current 556 hp CTS-V Coupe. Is this the 8 speed shining through? 12.7 SECONDS @ 112.8 MPH vs 12.3 at 116.6 mph Is Bill Peffer, formerly of Nissan Australia the right guy to lead Cadillac US Sales & Service? What is one thing you would tell Mr Peffer? Cadillac vs Tesla -- what does Cadillac need to do next? Super-ELR? ATS to be introduced in China in 4Q, imported from the US by Shanghai GM. August SRX+XTS Chinese sales were 4,244. How will ATS sell there?
  4. Tonight is Thursday, so it is time for another CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat at 8 pm CT Tonight's Topics: Rumor is the 4.5L Turbo V8 will be shared with Corvette. What do you think? Does Cadillac need exclusive engines? Is this an ideal LTS engine line up? 3L TTV6 350hp, 3.6L TTV6 420 hp, 4.5L TTV8 500 hp? If a person offered you $59K tax free or a new CTS VSport tax free, which would you prefer? If you had an autonomous driving car, would you be willing to nap during long drives? Does that reduce the fun or help roadtrips? How much range would an all-electric car need? Or how fast would it have to recharge? Example, if you could drive 500 miles on a charge, and it could recharge in 30 minutes while you had dinner....?
  5. Planned topics for this week: Is the ATS over-priced? Standard at $34K, 2L Turbo Premium at $46K, 3.6L Premium $47.5K. Where would you price them? What would you change about each Cadillac model today? ATS? CTS? XTS? SRX? Escalade? Would you pay more for a better transmission? Example, if 6 speed were standard, would you pay more for the new 8 speed? Should Cadillac bring back two-tone and other creative paint jobs? Would you pay a premium? Is there a market for a Convertible Escalade? Why, why not? Q&A Join us LIVE for the discussion -- contact me via Google+ if you want to participate. Chat starts at 8 PM CT.
  6. It is Thursday so it must be time to talk Cadillac! Tonights planned topics: If the Elmiraj is the 3rd gen CTS Coupe, without the TTV8, will it sell? Should the TTV8 be exclusive to the LTS? Would the TTV8 be better for the ATS-V than a high pressure TTV6? How much sport makes a Vsport versus a V or a Sport? If you were buying today, What Cadillac would you buy? Join us at 8 CT / 9 ET. Contact me on Google + for an invite to participate live on camera
  7. Woops, late with topics for tonight's chat! Here we go: Who IS left at Cadillac besides David Caldwell? In an integrated GM, who is Cadillac? 5 maintenance items every Cadillac Owner should be doing regularly are.... Chevy Volt now $5K lower price -- could this let the ELR start at $45K? Does Cadillac need an all-electric option in addition to the range-extended ELR? Twin-Turbo V6 tuning -- are we entering a new age of Cadillac wonderfulness where there is a clear path from 410 hp XTS to 475+ hp ATS-V level of performance? Join us on Thursday nights for live video chat on Cadillacs. To participate, contact me on Google+ for an invite.
  8. Thursday is Cadillac Chat at 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern, and 6 PM Pacific Time. Join us live for a open discussion about Cadillacs. This week's topics: Should Cadillac make a convertible ATS Coupe? How many would they sell? The XTS VSport pricing has been set at $63K, which includes AWD. In 2013 XTS starts at $44K and runs to $64K (13 AWD Platinum) XTS is 60 lb-ft of torque down from the CTS VSport -- would you program that back in? Is it time for a US market Escalade Diesel? XTS Diesel? ATS Diesel to match the BMW 328D (32/45 mpg) If you want to join in the chat live, please contact me on Google+ -- check my signature below for link.
  9. Due to a travel conflict our regular Thurs night video chat will be on Fri night this week. Planned topics: Escalade ESV discontinued Cadillac ATS 2.5L the rental car? Fix it , maintain it, Keep it running forever? Standard transmissions are more fun?
  10. Tomorrow's Thursday so we'll be back live on Google+ Hangouts and right here in this thread with CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat! Please contact me on Google+ if you would like to join the live video chat. Planned Topics: Cadillac is planning a S-model competitor large RWD car, but not a hyper-expensive Bentley competitor. Thoughts? ATS sales are up, but still below target by x2 and below 3-Series by x3. What should Cadillac be doing different? ATS Coupe (2-door) will be at the car shows this winter. Is THIS the next TexasJim touring car? Long doors make easy entry... Cadillac found & sold 16 remaining DTS's last month (and 4 STS's). Is this just discounted cars or is there some need the XTS doesn't fill? Join in the fun, or tune in here and watch & listen to the discussion Thursday night at 8 PM CT, 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT, 3 AM Sweden time.
  11. On Thursday nights we have our weekly Cadillac live video chat on Google+ Hangouts! This week's discussion topics: How far would you drive to avoid flying? When would you prefer to drive than fly? Intercooler Cooling: Should I pursue Interactive Chiller A/C intercooling or Meth Injection? How particular are you about your Cadillac? Valet Park? Remote Park? Let others borrow? Eat in it? Cadillac LTS -- what would you like to see in the Omega Cadillac? (research: Cadillac Ciel ) Join us for the chat -- contact me on Google+ for details -- see link in my signature.
  12. It's Thursday, so it's CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat night! Tonight's planned topics include: How did you learn to work on cars? How can someone who doesn't know much about working on cars learn more? What are your must-have tools and equipment for Cadillac maintenance and repair? What is your favorite way to sell or trade a car when it comes time to sell or trade? What is the fastest you have ever been in your Cadillac? In any car? If you could change something on your Cadillac, what would it be? Why? CaddyInfo Cadillac Chats are live video chats on Google+ Hangouts. To join us for an upcoming chat please contact me on Google+. The video feed for tonight's chat will be added to this thread.
  13. On Thursday evenings at 8 PM Central / 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific I host our CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat on Google+ Hangouts. The chat is just that -- we get together and talk about Cadillacs, automobiles, and related topics. If you would like to participate live, please contact me on Google+. I will post a link to the video and you can watch live here in the thread, and comment here in the thread, on youtube, or on Google+ during the show. Planned topics for tonight: Cadillac Racing at Detroit Belle Isle this weekend in the Pirelli World Challenge Race1 Sat 10:15 am Race2 Sunday 12 pm Do you follow the Cadillac Races? How can World Challenge Racing reach a wider audience? How would you market the Cadillac Escalade? Under what circumstances would you enjoy an Escalade as a daily driver? Final production numbers set at ~750 for the 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan, Wagon, Coupe to wrap up 2nd gen before transition/tool-up for the new model. Modern Collectable? My BEST Car Buying experience was... Open Topic: "The things I would like to see on CaddyInfo are..." Best methods for Estimating horsepower & measuring Mods Please feel free to suggest topics you would like to hear!
  14. Our Next CaddyInfo Live Cadillac Chat will be Thursday evening at 8 PM Central / 9 PM Eastern / 6 pm Pacific. Planned Topics: + Air Filters, Air Intakes, Air-Fuel monitoring (Wide-Band O2) + If I could tell Cadillac something (and they would listen) it would be... + Cadillac opened a factory in China for the Chinese Market -- Oh No? Oh Good? + How much power (or what power to weight) do you want in a daily driver (really)? + What was the Best Cadillac you ever owned?
  15. Tonight's CaddyInfo Cadillac chat may be very short -- Planned Topics: Cadillac XTS 410 HP AWD potential Owning and enjoying a used Cadillac Head gasket diagnosis and repair RamAir / air ducting
  16. Our next Thursday night Cadillac Chat is coming up tonight. Planned Topics: Which Cadillac would you prefer for fuel economy -- an ATS 2.5L, ATS 2L Turbo, or ELR Coupe? Cadillac commercials almost always only show or focus on 1 model. How should Cadillac be marketing their full line of vehicles? Golf, Fashion, Racing Corrals. What does Cadillacs Sponsorship activity tell people about the brand? Someone Likes this post. Did you realize we have a "Like" system on CaddyInfo (lower right in post window)? 3.6L mods -- intake, exhaust, spacer, turbo... If you have a topic you would like our panel to address please add it below!
  17. Our next Thursday night Cadillac Chat is coming up. Planned Topics: Mod Madness -- What performance or appearance mods belong on your Cadillac? Oddest or most amusing remark anyone has ever said about your Cadillac? Northstar head thread repair -- if you needed to -- timesert or Northstar Performance studs or ? Do you prefer Convertible, sunroof, or closed Cadillac? Why? OnStar -- how do you use it, how often? If you have a topic you would like our panel to address please add it below!
  18. Our 4th CaddyInfo Live Cadillac Chat is planned for Google+ Hangouts and live here in this thread on Thursday night, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific, 3 AM Swedish Time. 5K Challenge: What would be your favorite Cadillac for around $5K? Bring a description or link to a car you would buy for $5K Pick your Cadillac: Which would you prefer: Cadillac SRX FWD starting at $37K -OR- CTS Sport Wagon RWD at $39K ? Cadillac Racing in the Pirelli World Challenge Series - Do you follow the races? What are the benefits to Cadillac? DashCams -- Good Idea and Fun or just a gadget? What would you like to see on CaddyInfo that we don't do enough of? More contests, more give-aways, more what? What would you think of a 'repair pool' fund? If CaddyInfo pooled some costs that Supporters could 'award' to users whose Cadillacs needed repair? Tune in and watch live here in this thread Thursday night! Contact me on Google+ if you want to participate in a future Chat!
  19. Our 3rd CaddyInfo Live Cadillac Chat will be on Google+ Hangouts and shown here in this thread on Thursday night at 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern, and 6 PM Pacific time. Background on our chats here. Topics this week may include: Cadillac and young Luxury Buyers Cadillac ATS Selections: 2L Turbo 272 hp or 3.6L 321 hp? RWD or AWD? Automatics -- 4, 6, 8, 10 speeds; Joy of Manual Driving? OnStar, XM, and the Subscription Model for enhanced vehicle features See my signature for my Google+ info.
  20. Tonight is CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat Hangout night. I will be adding a live link to the chat here in the forum once it is established. It should also be available on the Youtube Channel or via the Hangout Google+ link. The video chat is scheduled for 8 pm CT / 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT. Topics planned for tonight -- not all may get time: Should Cadillac offer a coupe (2 door) of each sedan model? Best Dealer story / experience you ever had with a car dealer? Should we replace annual supporter membership on CaddyInfo with a single lifetime membership? How can CaddyInfo be more useful to every Cadillac owner / fan? Who would you like to see as a special guest poster or hangout guest?
  21. This was our first attempt at a CaddyInfo Video Chat using Google+ Hangouts. Bear with us a bit as we learn to use the technology but I am excited about this approach. We plan to do more of these on Thursday nights -- let me know if you want to join the chat live. Even if you can't join us on air, you will be able to watch the video live here on the forum.
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