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Found 10 results

  1. Hello and thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer. I recently bought a 1997 Cadillac DeVille. It is a little bit of a fixer upper but definitely a great for car for my son once he is able to get his license. At first i had no issues with brakes but last weekend traction control and ABS light came on after hearing ABS pump cycle. Previously I noticed sometimes when driving if I hit a dip brake light would come on but go away usually few seconds later. Brakes never felt off and car stopped fine.. When i pulled the codes it came back with C1255. I was hoping that maybe a brake flush would help since fluid was pretty dark. To my horror the brake fluid was a dark green, never seen that in a car before that wasn't sitting in a field for years, and had some air in the lines that I was able to bleed out. Fluid now is pretty clear but when I start car in the morning I still hear the ABS pump turn on and off several times and then the traction control light and ABS light come on still. Not sure if not is normal but when ABS pump comes on it is pretty loud. When i first purchased car I never heard ABS pump come on and never had any codes related to brake system. From my research the EBCM need to be reflowed with solder but I am curious if maybe the pump itself is bad. Any information is appreciated and hopefully someone can point me in a good direction.
  2. Hi all. My 1997 Deville has just been striking my last nerve lately, probably just me but it just cant go long enough without issues. I have 2 codes The traction control telltale has come on twice randomly within the last month or so. Code is C1277. I dont have a clue on this one. Maybe a harness issue? And while I was retrieving that code I found there is a PCM P1271 current. No Engine light on though. no idea on this code either. P 0603 still shows in history also. And The worst thing is this shake. It shakes bad around 60+ Feels like a bad vibration. Worst under my feet. It makes my mirrors jiggle. That problem irritates me more than anything. I am just tired of shakes. Makes it feel like crap. I am wondering if it could be one or both of the vertical control arm bushings. I will have to find time to check them. Maybe the bushings are torn. Aside from that I am stumped on it. Too many possibilities. Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks for reading
  3. Last Summer I replaced the Two Front Struts ABS Module and the Rear Brake Pads. I flushed the whole system as the Brake Fluid was contaminated it was flushed with new Brake fluid at all four wheels and removed the Master cylinder and flushed it also. I can't get rid of the codes Service Susp. Sys. Change Brake Pads and Speed Limit to 90 and believe me it won't go over 90MPH All the Sensors are plugged in I double checked for the Pads and the plugs for tthe Struts are connected. Do I need a GM. Computer to clear these codes. The Front Brakes have 20,000mi. left on them. Please advise. Frank H.
  4. Hello Caddy Enthusiats!!!! I would like to keep things short and simple. My question today is what part(s) should be replaced based on the DTC codes that are pulled from my car? I have a 95 DeVille Concours. The codes are as follows: P035 P036 P039 P040 S010 S011 S012 S015 S016 S017 S021 S022 S025 S027 S030 S031 S035 S037 S044 S051 S060 S061 Any input would be greatly appreciated and I would like to thank everybody in advance for their suggestions. Thanx!!!
  5. I have a 2002 Deville and the ABS & Traction Control lights and the DIC Service Stability System comes on intermittently and not ever time I drive the car. What should I look for?
  6. Hi all. Just started driving my new to me eldorado and am trying to work out the cobwebs. The ABS, Traction, and Stability lights come on on startup Code is always c1243. Pump motor stalled If you clear the code when engine is running and headlights are off code does not return If you clear the code when the engine is running but loads are on the code immediately returns. You can hear the motor kick on but it acts like the voltage drops too low and trips the code, also the lights dim. If you shut the car off and immediately restart it lights are out and no codes. I also noted something else interesting tonight, If you accelerate hard the headlights dim a bit and come back when you let off. Here is what I am thinking, I am thinking there is a bad ground or battery connection somewhere, but am just not sure where to look. I am also thinking that this is why the abs pump code shows up. If the voltage is lower than normal to the abs unit then it will stall the pump. Battery is new, tests good. 12.6v at battery and cluster Alternator is new and works good. No driveability issues other than the lights dimming on hard acceleration. Engine runs great. trans shifts smooth. No other codes from any other system Dash lights, and interior are bright. I could use some insight on this one as I think there is logical explanation. I was as specific as I could be so I hope it helps. Thanks all
  7. Good Day Forum...The problem I have is with current 05 deville base model. I replaced my abs module and before I hooked it up, I cleaned off the electrical connections on all 3 contact points. After I completed the job, I cycled the engine 3 times with out cranking it so the system could recognize the update and it worked. I went on a 20 mile test drive around town and all was good. Tonight drove to the store and the abs light came on 1st, then then break and traction control. The SES "CHECK ENGINE" light came on and I got the following codes. Current IPM B0429 PCM P0141 PCM P0036 AMP U1000 NO IRC DATA NO ACTIVE ABS CODES History ABS C1217 Code cleared history but came up until I replaced ABS Module ABS C1248 " same as above " ABS C1298 SDM U1000 IPC U1000 PCM U1040 Just check the codes and ABS,TC & BRAKE light just cleared. I noticed my lights were dimming on and off, so I assumed it was my ABS Pump coming on and off. It also seemed that it has cooled off and no works, but the problem is still there. I was also told that I need a new brake caliber because of the drivers side was sticking at times. I was planning on sending off extra ABS MODULE for repair. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello cadillac forums, I'm a first time owner looking for some start off advice. I bought a well maintained 95 caddy concours with 133800 miles about a month ago. Everything works except heated seats. I ran diagnostic codes and took it to a mechanic the same week. He told me everything looked in order but recommended a new FPR and new rear shocks and compressor. I'm not sure of his pedigree with northstars but there's no signs that he specializes with them. That being said, my question to the cadillac experts is what all should I have checked, cleaned, replaced, changed, etc., other than what DTC codes tell me, in order to have car running top of the line, avoid the TRAGIC head gasket failure and/or other internal engine problems, and keep it on the road for many more miles. I really like the car, it's my 1st bought car, and I want it to run efficiently as long as possible. Thanx Here's a list of codes and such: -Lights on: service engine soon, brake, ABS -DTC Codes: P039 P097 I027 T031 T037 S010 S011 S012 S017 S020 S022 S027 S032 S035 S060 S061 Thanx again. Swift response would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  9. As of a few days ago, whenever I drive my car the service stability sys message, the traction control light, and the abs light will come on at the same time. Brought it into the garage I normally go to. I wound up needing to have a tie rod replaced, but they didn't have any luck discovering what is causing the lights to come on regularly. One of the codes they found was a history code (can't remember what it was), but that was about it. Nothing seemed to be operating outside of the norm when they drove it. Now, all of the above will come on randomly while I'm driving. Sometimes, it'll be about 1-2 seconds after I shift into drive the first time from park. Yesterday, I went out in the morning and it took 10 minutes before they came on. Others, it'll be when I brake for the first time and get down under 5 mph. They're all coming on, but there doesn't seem to be a consistency for when it happens. I know I'm being a little vague with my description here, but I really don't have much to go with. Any help regarding this would be appreciated and I will add more info if I come up with anything. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm new to the cadillac scene so I've come here for help. I have a 2001 Seville SLS. Every time I start my car, the chimes come on and tell me to change my brake pads (which I've already done) and service stability system. The ABS and Traction Control lights are also always lit up. I pulled codes c1234 and c1246. How do I get rid of this. Is it an easy procedure?
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