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  1. Ok just found out my pretty 1985 coupe DeVille almost mint condition now has a blown head gasket. I did research and found out these 4100 v8 motors are known for this problem. My issue now is that I don't know what price to sell it for. I bypassed the heater core so it's going to need that. The power windows have issues with going up and down and of course the head gasket. It has 125,000 miles on it, was running great. Transmission has no problem,the body and Interior of the car is beautiful absolutely no rust. Its a good solid car it just needs those things fixed or possibly if you find a mot
  2. I have a 98 Deville with a 4.6L v8 northstar. About a week ago, my car overheated. Let it cool down and turns out, all my water was gone! So, I found out that once the car gets up to running temp, pressure is pushing water out of the overflow tube, (there is only one reservoir with a tube right by the cap) untill there is no water left! Checked my oil, it's clean so I'm hoping it's not a faulty head gasket. But I think its weird that water is just coming right back out? Somebody please help me.. This car is the love of my life, but if I'm looking at over $3,000 in labor cause of a HG I thi
  3. Hi all. I am looking to part out my 1996 Cadillac Deville gold wreath package. The car has been wonderful to me but the rust has gotten the best of it and the torque convertor is gone. prices are very reasonable. Interior parts are in very good shape. switches are good. Anything you might need just throw me a message and I will let you know if I have it. I also have some parts from my 1996 eldorado, including black sun visors Dual type. roof console(astroroof one) Climate control unit. U1L stereo. and information system unit. Center shifter trim with heated seat switch. plastic. Prices ar
  4. Hello all, I'm new here, Been with Bruce in Google+ circle for a while now, but never participated in any chats till today, and finally decided to create a Caddyinfo.com account. about me: Late 20s guy, Network engineer, Just got my master from DePaul University in IS-DBA, enthusiast photographer and all tech guy. always been a car enthusiast, Currently a proud owner of 09 STS4 1SG and 05 SRX4 base, Recently sold my "landboat" a beautiful 03 DeVille black on black with 185,000+ with near mint condition exterior, I do my own repairs almost all the time unless its the transmission then i'
  5. My 96 Deville keeps overheating.. I've tested the heads for leaks.. passed. changed the tstat twice. put new radiator hoses. flushed the radiator and the engine. This has been over the corse of 3 weeks. everytime i change a part or add new fluid she runs fine for two days an then will not cool down. fans work properly, no leaks. When it runs hot the hoses are full af fluid and tight as if there is no circulation hense the change of the tstat.. like i said, ran fine for 2 days and did the same thing. tried flushing the system thinking there was a clog but again, after i was done she ran fine fo
  6. Hi! Im new on here and need help. My cadi has been running fine until recently, hence the reason im on here asking for help. It all started when I was on a long drive when I found that the car decided to loose power. I did a tune up and after everything has been changed, decided to stall when I would start her up. Never happened before. Well a week later, as im driving on the freeway at 70 mph, she decides to lose power. While going to the shoulder she turns off on me. After I put her in park, she cranks but no start. At first, I thought it was something like the fuel sensor or pump, but when
  7. I have a base model 2005 Deville that I have recently acquired. The car is in great mechanical shape but I have questioned the suspension on it. When I first start the car I hear the suspension in the back doing its thing, but I have noticed that when there are people in the back or the trunk is full the car sags. Shouldn't the ride height remain the same no matter what? I guess I am comparing it to a Lincoln Town Car air suspension, are they the same or different? Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. My son just bought his first car, 87 Deville Sedan. Motor and Transmission sound, Interior very good (needs a new headliner). Body very good, no rust, one 'crunch' driver-side rear roof-side area (hard to describe, lol) nothing some bondo can't repair, some faded paint areas. He only paid $600. The major issue is NONE of the windows will roll down. Previous owner says he replaced the motor on drivers side, didn't work. We have checked the breaker it is fine (switched the breaker with the horn breaker, horn still blows) It seems odd to me that all motors would be bad at same time, and if previo
  9. Since Sweden is a US car loving country I would like to notify you about the fact that I'm selling my beautiful 1978 Coupe DeVille. It's in great technical condition. Please contact me on jerryleelewis2@gmail.com for more info. Best regards,
  10. Hello, I have a 2001 DeVille for sale with only 57k miles. Northstar V8, cloth seats, all four heated and back only heated seats, electric everything, On-star ready. Great car but I would like to see it go to someone who appreciates Cadillacs. I live in San Diego and will not ship the car but it is ready to be any distance if you want to pick it up yourself. Asking $6950 You can email me with any questions or to get more photos: Dnesselroth@hotmail.com
  11. Just bought a 97 Deville. Really great car. 42,000 miles, one owner. Clean history, car always serviced by Cadillac. Also have a couple of older Cadillacs. 76 Seville, 78 Eldorado and 87 Coupe Deville. Member of Cadillac Lasalle Club, but I think with the newer car, this might be the place for advice. This car is a different animal. Took me 10 minutes to get the air filter box apart. With the 70’s cars can do it in the dark with my eyes closed. The previous owners said that the car does not keep a charge. After a few days of standing the battery is dead. They tested the battery and alternato
  12. I have had this 1988 Cadillac DeVille Gold Edition for over a year now. It is the 4.5L V8 4D. After about a month of having it, it started having a problem where if I attempt to accelerate passed 45mph it jerks the car so hard it feels like the engine just physically stopped for a split second but then continues. Any time I try to speed up after that it does it, but only 45mph. It does not matter whether it is downhill, uphill, or level. I found a broken vaccum line a while ago and fixed it. I've tried replacing plugs and wires, fuel pump, fuel pump wiring, cleaning injectors, cleaning atomize
  13. Hi. Shop says I need rear shocks on my 1996 Deville; they're leaking. I love the car. It is showroom. But they say it will cost me $3,400 (in NY). On-line repair estimators verify this amount. Anyone here know any alternatives? I can't spend that kind of money on just a couple of shocks. Is it time to junk my Cadillac? Thanks for your feedback. (
  14. I just brought a '97 D'elegance yesterday for $1,000 in Maryland. It overheats almost immediately. Every time I drive it the temperature shoots up pretty fast around 244F in about 5-10 minutes or so. What did I get myself into? I think I got got. Oh well. What are some fixes? I dumped $135, for a battery, $240 for MDTags, $10 for tool kit to put in battery and tags, $ 368 for 1st and last months insurance. As well as the $1,000 for the car. I'm felling stubborn. I want to make it work. I refuse to just have wasted almost $2,000 in less than 24hrs!
  15. 1986-1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and deville trunk mat, 59" x 24.5", cost $165 plus sales tax at dealership, sell for $80, plus postage. 336-765-8312, winston salem, North Carolina USA, email; wwhitfield@triad.rr.com
  16. Hi, All -- my first post. I have a 1996 Deville -- 96,000 miles -- showroom. Love it to pieces. Recently, it starting missing -- once in a while on idle, always when accelerating. Nice jerking motion accompanied by flashing SES. I gather I could replace the coil packs, wires, dist cap, rotor, sparks, fuel filter, etc . . . spend maybe $750 looking for the "easy" fixes. If these don't work, will I have to junk my baby??? From your collective experiences, how often is this actual engine trouble requiring repairing / rebuilding engine and the associated $3,000 price tag? I don't want to lose my
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