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  1. I just bought a 1992 Sedan Deville and am planning on installing a Pioneer aftermarket stereo with iPod/Bluetooth. I just called Circuit City for a price on the install and they said that if my car has an amplifier, it will be an additional $80 to bypass that amp in order for the new unit to work. Does this make sense? Or are they jerking me around? Between this and the $60 installation and parts, it would be over $200 just for the install, which seems awfully high for me. Thanks for any guidance that you can give me. Jeff
  2. I read about an amp issue in another thread that could be causing your problem. I can't find it right now, but do you have a stock radio or aftermarket? I seem to recall someone saying that they got an aftermarket radio and needed to disconnect the amp in the trunk, otherwise it would continue to drain the battery. Good luck! Jeff
  3. I am looking to replace my stock 1991 Sedan Deville AM/FM/Cassette radio with a new head unit that has iPod integration and Bluetooth. Has anyone done this? Can anyone recommend a unit? I am strongly considering the Pioneer DEH-P7000BT. THanks very much Jeff
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