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  1. You could probably go with 235x50 or MAYBE 245x45 without any trouble, but be sure to check the clearance in your wheel wells with the steering wheel turned ALL THE WAY left and right.

    Check the clearance in the wheel well at the BACK, FRONT and TOP of the tire.

    You don't want to get new tires and then find out they rub on your fenders when you turn.

    I assume you know that when you use lower profile tires, they are going to ride MUCH harder.

    You will no longer have the smooth Cadillac ride you are now accustomed to.

    Thanks for the info, I don't think I'd go with the 50 series tires. Just something with alittle more meat. Like 235/60.

    I just bought the car and first things first. the owner couldn't find the wheel lock for those cadillac rims so I gotta get a key for that

    before any modifications can be made.

  2. Good afternoon all,

    I recently bought a 93 Cad Eldorado ETC clean inside and out. Along the inside dash is some wood trim can anyone here

    suggest a website or company that has those wood dash kits for this car? And if anyone has experience in doing dash kits, "is it difficult?"

    The car is clean so I decided to start with the interior. My first Caddy and I love it! Just want to add some appearance items then the tires and wheels. It came with those BBS looking rims that have gold trimming which I might keep just put more meaty tires, but thats later.

    There are two things wrong when I bought the car one is the cup holder doesn't retract back and a service message to check the track system. It has the 4.9 V8 engine I thought it was going to be a Northstar but with 24,000 miles on it I'm not complaining.

    thanks for reading about my new car.

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