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  1. Thanks for the info, I don't think I'd go with the 50 series tires. Just something with alittle more meat. Like 235/60. I just bought the car and first things first. the owner couldn't find the wheel lock for those cadillac rims so I gotta get a key for that before any modifications can be made.
  2. I have a 93 Eldo with P225/60/16's on with original rims with the gold trim. Using those stock rims, what is the maximum tire size I can go with? I just want to have "meatier" look with the tires. Part of the personalizing of my Caddy. thanks.
  3. Good afternoon all, I recently bought a 93 Cad Eldorado ETC clean inside and out. Along the inside dash is some wood trim can anyone here suggest a website or company that has those wood dash kits for this car? And if anyone has experience in doing dash kits, "is it difficult?" The car is clean so I decided to start with the interior. My first Caddy and I love it! Just want to add some appearance items then the tires and wheels. It came with those BBS looking rims that have gold trimming which I might keep just put more meaty tires, but thats later. There are two things wrong when I bought the car one is the cup holder doesn't retract back and a service message to check the track system. It has the 4.9 V8 engine I thought it was going to be a Northstar but with 24,000 miles on it I'm not complaining. thanks for reading about my new car.
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