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  1. I still look at my ''98 Eldorado and think it's as good looking or better looking than most of the new cars out there. Actually I'm impressed with the Motor Trend pics of the future CTS models and really impressed with the Alpha series. But, I agree with you guys... Why ALPHA Why not Eldorado. And what the heck is this CTS, SLR, SLX, PDQ, ETC. ETC. ETC. identification. No imagination left in the auto industry??
  2. Thanks for the RPO definitions Bruce. I am listed as having a Soft Ride. If this is Soft Ride I can't imagine what the Sport ride is. Any idea what Suspension ff & rr HD means? That was the other option. I figure that must be the one with the real floating ride. I have no listing for the remote entry, which I thought was standard equipment. Can't imagine anyone buying a new car without Keyless Remote. Even my old '98 Ford Focus had one.
  3. I've long been curious about this so figured I would finally ask the experts. My 1998 Eldorado base model has just about every option (listed on Edmunds) however, air-ride suspension and keyless remote entry, both of which are listed as standard equipment, are not on my car. When I bought it two years ago I asked the dealer where the remote fob was and he said this car did not come with one and that it was an option. I also find that the ride on this car really sucks except on the highway. You feel every crack and bump on the road. My 1994 rode like a dream although my wife hated it becau
  4. My '98 Eldo has a banging noise like the exhaust pipe is banging against the bottom of the car. I've had the garage check it a couple of times and he says the exhaust is tight and he finds nothing loose under the car. This happens on back roads. Never on highways. I had the top engine mounts replaced a couple of months ago. Could the bottom mounts be the cause of the problem?
  5. Bridgestone Potenza G009's Wear well, handle well, Noisy as Hell.
  6. Hey Ranger. What are you doing here?? I figured two great minds are better than one so I joined this forum to get a few more ideas.
  7. My mechanic checked out the battery and says it's about ready to give up the ghost. Says it should last til Winter. Alternator checked out good.
  8. Problem/Mystery solved after much headache, dollars, ets. MICE MICE MICE. My mechanic dropped the gas tank to replace the FTP sensor and found a nice old mouse nest. Worse yet he found chewed up and a partially missing wire for the sensor. Just picked up something called Rampage all weather Bait Chunx which I will now put under the hood, in the trunk, and in the door wells. With that done, I now have my State Inspection and no Service Engine light. Thanks for your advice and NOW EVERYONE CHECK THEIR CARS FOR MICE.
  9. My voltage usually reads 14.1 but this morning I noticed it was down to 13.2 at startup. (yes, I'm one of those nuts who goes thru the whole system before I start moving.) I left the reading on and it went from 13.2 to 13.8, settled in at 13.8 then went to 14.1. I stopped at a store and watched the reading go down to 13.1 then up to 13.8. Started the car after about 5 minutes and it was at 14.1. Please tell me it's the battery and not the alternator. It did this a few months ago but then settled back to 14.1 at all times. Any ideas about what might be going on??
  10. By the way Jim, the only code I have is P0446 which has been going on since May.
  11. I bought my '98 exactly two years ago for $6500. With all repairs, mostly expected...brakes, exhaust, etc. I am up to $10350.00. Considering how much I love this car I guess that's not at all bad. The body and interior are in A-1 condition. If I could afford a Porche or other fast little two seater I would get it but.............. This is my 2nd Eldo. The first was a '94 which had serious rust problems so I traded it for the '98. I have to say the '94 was a much better riding car than the '98. Let's face it YES I AM HOOKED ON CADDIES.
  12. My '98 Eldorado came up with a Service Engine Soon light back in May of this year. Code was P0446 EVAP vent etc. Well my mechanic said it was because my exhaust system was bad. Replaced that at $700+. Light back on so he replaced the Solenoid Vent Valve. Another $200. Light back on so he says the Fuel Filler Pipe was rusted out but he couldn't get the part because GM stopped making it. I got the part from Arizona online for $125. He installed it for a price. All this time he says he is using his computer to track the problem. I SAID GOODBYE TO THIS GUY. Went to another mechanic who
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