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  1. $ 89.00 from Eurodezigns. BTW, it's about 1/3 to /4 the size of the original ballast.
  2. Latest development. This morning I start the car (in a dark garage) with headlight selector switch on automatic / sensor mode position and the right headlight is still out.... but when the switch is moved to 'manual' position both headlights are on. This takes me in a new direction. I'll have to see if maybe a new relay makes any difference.
  3. This past Spring the right headlight stopped working, and the Caddy dealer gave me an estimate for 1K, including new ballast, bulb, a 'redesigned' harness, and labor. Reluctantly I said to go ahead and fix it. After waiting 3 weeks for the harness - which I was told was not available anywhere in the GM parts system - I was out of patience. I ordered a pair of HID bulbs from the internet, installed them, and all was well. Under 100 bucks… total. This week, the right headlight went out – then came on - then went out and stayed out. I had another mechanic ( not the Caddy dealer) take a look. I had purchased an aftermarket ballast - in anticipation that it might be required. The mechanic stated that the OEM ballast was suspect, and after installing the new ballast, putting the original bulb in, and replacing a fuse, I had a working headlight. The next day the right headlight is out again. Took it to the local Caddy dealer today to take a look, because they could get it in right away - and I'm a glutton for punishment. After a couple minutes the technician comes back and says that all the lights are working fine, and that he can't find anything, and can't fix what isn't broken… He didn't offer a clue other then to mention that sometimes the computer f**ks up.. so I still haven't got a definite answer. I suspect there might be a loose wire somewhere. Now I'm thinking I may have installed a bulb(s), and a ballast unnecessarily. Has anyone chased a similar problem ?
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