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  1. Thanks guys this is what I needed to know. Will stop at the next dealer and have them replace the low pressure switch and have them check the orifice (should have done that the first time :-). They did add the dye and could not find any leaks so I think I am good there. Since this is an intermitent problem I don't think it would help to jump the switch as I can clear the codes while driving and the compressor starts working again (for the rest of the day), would it? Thanks again.
  2. I am driving to Minnestota from Texas and the AC keeps giving the message "low refrigerant AC off" and throws the B1347 code (which is very low refrigerant). Luckly I know how to reset the code (thanks to this board), it will then run just fine (very cold) for sometimes 30 minutes, other times it will run all day. I stopped at a cadillac dealership for them to look at it and they said the AC was .5 lbs low and evacuated the system adding a total of 2 lbs (I think). Within a few hours of driving I have the same problem happen all over again. From what I have read in the archives the problem must be low refrigerant, plugged orfice tube or faulty low pressure switch. So through process of elimination I thought I would try the low pressure switch next. I don't have my manuals with me so anyone know where this one is located? Also can I replace this without any refrigerant leaking out or does it need to be evacuated again? I did get B1315 (Evaporator Inlet temp sensor short circuit) one time but only saw that in the history never current. Thanks.
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