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  1. Hello, Diamond White! Welcome to the forums! It's nice to meet you! I have previously owned a gold 2003 CTS, which I thoroughly enjoyed driving. Mine had 50,000 miles when I bought it, and I put about 37,000 miles on it while I had it. I found the helpful and friendly folks here when I had difficulties after getting new struts installed. They were so terrific with helping me get the problem resolved. My husband got nice Ricco wheels on my car as soon as we bought it. We were very proud of it. Although I'm driving a new Mercedes now, I check in occasionally to see what's going on at Caddoinfo and chat with the members. Take care, and have fun with your STS!
  2. That it would be taxed WAS reported on Fox News. Googling it, it appears to be a rumor floating around, as I noted. It's a good think the rumor wasn't started during the program! It might not have been quite as successful had people believed they were going to have to pay income tax on the money! My husband heard that so many dealerships still aren't being paid for the clunkers they took as trades.
  3. In order for this to happen, the dealerships that participated in the program would have to report the allowances given under the program on Form 1099s. A copy would be sent to the IRS and a copy would be sent to the participants to file with their income tax returns for the Year 2009. During the transactions, the customers would have had to give their social security numbers. I don't personally know anyone who purchased a new car under the "Cash for Clunkers" program. To me, it doesn't seem as if the $4,500 would be "income", for the reason that a car was given in exchange for the money. This is just my own logic, but I would be interested to see how this works.
  4. Hi, Caddyinfo Friends! I just received a call from our niece who was picking up her daughter at kindergarten in the next town! The little darling great-niece recognized my '03 traded CTS at her elementary school! I think this is good news worth sharing. It didn't go to auction! Edited to add that my niece mentioned she could tell it is mine by the Ricco rims. When I was at the Mercedes dealership getting everything in order, I mentioned to one of the salesmen that my CTS was probably going to auction. He said, "We'll probably wholesale it." That made me happy. I'm even happier knowing there is a small child and and a mom riding in it. I'm sure they're enjoying it as much as I did!
  5. This thread should have a warning to enter at your own risk. it's so painful to watch the Cadillac, Continental and Jeep die such useless deaths. I have a co-worker whose car is 12 years old and is constantly breaking down on her. She can't afford any type of car payment. How she would be happy to have any one of those older, pretty, working cars that have been destroyed! For people like myself who appreciate cars and enjoy cars, and I've owned many different cars and pickup trucks, this is a tough realization. I was talking to my husband about how many significant events occurred 40 years ago. It was such a time of monumental changes. We are now living in an era of changes, and we are witnessing events that are affecting history. In a way, I'm glad the young man is making videos of killing the engines. It really is important. I could never have done that to my CTS for the money. I wanted so badly to try to find a way to let my co-worker have it. There are lots of good miles left in that beautiful gold CTS.
  6. Oh, I watched the video, and it's sad. There won't be very many wonderful old cars for generations to admire or fix-up. I had such an appreciation for cars, which I shared with my dad. We enjoy looking at old cars and I listen to him talk about them. I am just fascinated to hear him tell me about them.
  7. Here's a beautiful 1998 Cadillac Deville with 79k miles on the odometer being led to the slaughter. What a total waste!!! No, no! Say it isn't so! That's just not right!
  8. Ah, thanks, Everyone! I just realized I passed 50 posts and became a "Fanatic"! My CTS and I were a team. I hope she finds someone who appreciates her. She immediately got beautiful new wheels and tires. She had new belts, hoses, battery, struts, brake job (rotors & pads), and water pump! We also had a Sirius satellite system installed. I put only abut 37,000 miles on my CTS, but they were all enjoyable. What a sweet ride she was!
  9. Hi, Marika, you're so kind! I can check from time to time and see what's happening in the discussion forums! I always see familiar names signed on!
  10. Dear Friends, I have really enjoyed being a Cadillac owner and finding your wonderful advice when I needed it. We went new car shopping and bought something else this time. I'm driving an '09 Mercedes since July 29. I'm going to miss you all, as I found a terrific group of folks here and received great advice about shocks and struts and got help when my water pump was leaking on my '03 CTS. You're a super bunch of people here, and very easy to talk to online. Keep up the good work of helping others with their car problems. I particularly enjoyed Texas Jim's adventure blog during his vacation with his darling wife to the Northwest. Caddy owners are a very special group of folks, and I was so proud to know all of you here. I won't forget you, and I wish you all the very best in your lives. Sincerely, Gem Michelle
  11. I like my CTS because it's classy and sporty, has lots of pep and fits me well, being a woman. It takes regular gasoline. I put super in it once, and it had a hard time starting first time of the day. Best of luck with your search for the perfect Caddy!
  12. My CTS is "On the road again!" The water pump cost was only $82.05, so it's probably not OEM. I'll be making certain there aren't any leaks. I appreciate your replies and suggestions!
  13. Adallak, this is our usual mechanic in our home town. He is certified to do the warranty work. I don't know if he is using OEM parts; I didn't ask. I had read a thread on this site when I signed on a couple of weeks ago about someone using the less expensive parts and paying dearly for it. My car was actually ready a few hours ago, but it will be this afternoon when I go to get it and pay for it. I never heard any noise, and there was not anymore sign of leakage since the beginning. There was, however, loss or use of coolant within a matter of days. I'll be observant of any sounds or lights coming on for a couple of weeks to assure the repair corrects the problem!
  14. UPDATE My mechanic called with the diagnosis. During the pressure test, he found the leak to be the water pump! He said it was a bit hard to get to. He is going to be able to fix it for me by tomorrow afternoon. Adallak, what you said, is what my friend's brother told me to expect. I'm relieved it not to be. Water pump sounds so much better. The warranty will cover either repair, but total repair including the pressure test for the water pump will be $305. My deductible is $250. I breathed a sigh of relief!
  15. Ranger, It really was the coolant. It was pink. Where I saw it under the car was in the very front, center. I have seen no more, but the car is evidently losing or using some, enough to cause the Check Coolant light to come on.