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  1. So within the first month of driving the ville i have noticed that there are only two reactions that this certain bodystyle gets. People either love it or hate it. At this point it's been a decent 80/20 split between love/hate. But one thing is for sure they will let you know about it! Granted it's a classic cadillac and being noticed comes with the turf, but it's a new area for me to drive a car that everyone has an opinion of. Honestly it's neat but i really don't want to talk to half the people who decide to talk to me. Some i don't mind so much "chicks dig cadillacs busted grille and all " . I have noticed that the people who like the car are measurably more creative than those who rag on it. While the compliments range from "vintage", "sexy" and "gangster" the put downs are always "it's the ugliest car i have ever seen." and then something is metioned about either giving the car back to my grandpa or asking if i can fit all my grandkids in it. Yet out of all the random "$.02"s worth i have recieved, it's all about the slantback. i don't quite understand it myself. i guess cadillac did take a chance making something that distinct it would stir some kinda crazyness up. sadly as i keep working on the ville, it will just gain more attention and as annoying as it will be, there won't be too much i can do about it. i just hope people cool it with the grandparent schtick! Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply
  2. Hey, what's up??? Well, Fireplug (Celebrity Dalmation Puppy Dog) and I took the Escalade to the Ho Chunk Casino Yesterday. The HO-Chunk is in an area called the Wisconsin Dells, which is like around 50 miles north of Madison. Indian Gaming Casino type of place. In the pre-dawn hours we left, seeking adventure, Poker, and whatever else a small dog craves.... Even in the dark, you can see that wax job... 2 coats of the NXT 2.0 stuff. Not easy to wipe off, but nice results. And let me say, man, is this a big truck. Waxing this thing will wear you out! The little ETC was nothing... and a simcon top took away a lot too. This thing is all metal... whew! Heading 'em out in the Escalade, Fireplug assumes the "Captain Kirk" spot.... Sun finally coming up, somewhere around Madison.... Stopped for gas. Not sure if you can see my Average mpg there on the DIC, but it was like 20.1 or 20.2. Not bad. If you keep it below 75, it can be real good. In the 75 to 80 range, it's more like 16.9 or so... Drops quickly. Also, this truck responds VERY well to a little drafting... But don't do that. That's how small doggies get hurt. Gas is really really cheap compared to insurance deductibles and hospital co-pays... Take my word. Hey, we made it!! Wow, when you get here this early, you can really get an awesome parking spot. Look at that, right by the door. Sweet. Played a little Video Poker, made $50. Sweet, that's gonna pay for the Poker Tourney we're here to play. But with hours to go before the tourney, I sat down in a $1-$2 No Limit Hold Em cash game to kill a little time, and made another $50. Nice. So now, the Tourney was a total freeroll.... Even if I busted out stupidly in the first ten minutes, I was going home with $50. That put me in a great mood, I must say... Played pretty well. 50 people, I got knocked out at the final table in 8th place, just short of the money. So, not great, but not bad.... Fireplug says "Dude, I'm gambled out. Let's go home." Fair enough. It's evening now, killed the whole day.... Great day though. Good use of a vacation day. Escalade ran great. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I miss the ETC sometimes... But the Escalade is really nice. Maybe someday Cadillac will wake up and make a personal luxury coupe again, but it looks like it's gonna be awhile.... So until then, I'll sit tight, and enjoy this sweet truck.... My only slight regret is, this truck is so darn nice, it's seems like a shame to load my gear in it and use it for work.... It kind of pains me for it not to be so minty and waxed constantly, like the ETC was. Daily Driver use takes it's toll, I'm afraid. Anyway, until next time... Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply
  3. so finally i as able to get some pictures of my ville up for everyone to enjoy! you can see them at also i was able to track down a replacement grille from a local junkyard (u-wrench-it, not to be confused with u-pull-it.) now replacing the grille won't be as easy as just unbolt, rebolt. the driver side mount are on the half of the grille that is currently in my trunk. the good news is that in this case plastic will save me. i have to do a little Frankensteining with the little chunks of plastis, but i have all the part and with a good adhesive it'll be gravy and gap tooth no longer. i also plan on spray painting the grille to help protect it. also i will now have an extra cadillac tag from off the busted grille, anybody need it? next on the agenda is to replace the leaky radiator, due to the hissing that i am hearing i'm 98% sure it's not just a hose. the leak is not so bad that i have to refill the reservoir every time i stop, i just have to top it off everyday or too. then i have a cracked wiper fluid reservoir, and then it will be all in running order. that is when i will begin to turn my attention to the chipped paint on the hood especially. then it will be on to the little things on the inside. it's pretty clean aside from the saggy headliner, which considering it's age, not a surprise. then of coarse i neat some music going in it. the radio works kinda, it's not the original, it looks like it the first cd player clarion made for cars. good news i have a buddy who works at an electronics store with a pretty nice discount . as always feedback is welcome, let me know what ya think. Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply
  4. i purchsed a 1985 seville from my uncle about three weeks ago. he was the second owner and he had owned it since 1990 when he manged to buy it off of his wife's uncle estate. her uncle bought it new in 85. it only cost me $1200 ( he cut me a deal being family, it was also the second vechile i had bought off the man). the body had about 167,500 miles, the engine had 67,500. he had a remanufactured put in at 100,000 and i have the recipt from the shop that did the work. by 23yr old daily driver standards the interior is prety clean. there is some surface rust and paint chips espacially on the hood from driving in the country. he is fairly handy with cars and keep it in very decent running order. it had effectively been parked for around 2yrs before i bought it but runs great. drove it home from blair, ne to omaha, ne no problems (from his place to mine about 50min. highway speeds 90% of the time). the next day however is when the problem started. since it had parked for a while, you should expect problems related too that, in my case the starter siezed up on me. i managed with the help of the aaa guy to get it started again by jacking it up and banging on the starter. was able to drive it to the shop (ame automotive in omaha, ne). there i parked kind of in the driveway but with plenty of room to get by me by me. the next day when i back to pick it up from getting a new starter, my mechcanic notified me that his neighbor's son had rear-ended me. the good news it wasn't THAT asfar as it is still just as driveable, the damage he caused basically just destroy the bumper filler pieces and stuck the impact absorder in place. also good news the man was fully insured. good news because the estimate for repair is around $1200. so that was all gravy, but on the third day i was parked at a gas station, i went in to use the crapper and when i come back out a few ppl are staring at the front of my car. that's when some one let me know that a moron in a suburban backed into the front of my ride. it broke the grill into 2 pieces and the piece it bolts to. also a very small dent in to hood. they didn't leave a note and nobody got plate numbers, but they did leave $40 in my wiper blades. that pissed me off a bit, but what can ya do. pictures should be on the web in a week or so, so stay tuned for that. Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply
  5. Bad ground on the blower motor, took out the module and the blower motor. After $900 we are off and running. Still not bad, a little over $2000 for the sweet ride. Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply
  6. Drupal is a content management system. We have a site at which I have been using for additional content, to hold images, and details to support posts. A lot of times I'll write the info over there then link it in the forum. The content on the drupal site can be images, static pages, pages which allow multiple users to edit etc. Because the drupal is on a different host than the forum here, we can't use the same login/password automatically. Today I realized that due to a technicality in the drupal setup with the host, no requests for a login/password over on the drupal site were actually getting to me. I see users tried to register and login but then got no further than that. Hopefully that has been corrected now, although the correction may take some time yet to gel. We also have a gallery site at which is helpful for holding image files. So, if you registered on or and never received permissions please reply here with the userid you used there and I'll go look it up and fix it. Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply