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  1. Thanks for the excellent info. I just wanted to confirm what he was told, and had relayed to me, as being the correct info. It appears that it is. I've found that guys on forums, that drive 'em and are enthusiastic about it, generally know more about them than the GM tech that works on them. I value your info highly. The coolant tank was replaced by a radiator tech, that I trust, and referred my cousin too. He did pressure test the system, replaced the Tstat, and gave it a clean bill of health. My personal ignorance of the Northstar, and safe op temps is what caused my concern. Thanks again
  2. Hello Gentlemen, (and ladies) My first post here, and frankly I'm not very Caddy savvy. I'm posting out of curiosity, and trying to learn something. I have driven GM products all my life, and am actually much more into the early Diesels 6.2/6.5TD in trucks. Just so you know I'm not a total idiot, regardless of this question...... My cousin drives a 1998 Deville with a Y code Northstar V8. I believe theres about 60K on the clock. Ambient temps here in south FL are running around the usual 90*+ for this time of year. He tells me he routinely sees temp readings of 220* and higher. This morning
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