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  1. Never was able to fix this issue. Any ideas where to go ? Much appreciated
  2. I've just discovered that if I press and release the ignition button then go jump the starter relay it starts. More fuel for thought
  3. Really appreciate it! Look forward to hearing from you . Thank you
  4. If I jump the relay without someone inside to hit the button it just cranks without firing.
  5. 05 STS 3.6L Everything except the radio goes dead when I push the starter button. I hear a click in the under hood fuse panel after 40 seconds and everything comes back on. I can jump the starter relay and have someone push the button at the same time and it starts right up. I've checked and cleaned battery connections and grounds, replaced ignition push button. Where to next ?
  6. Is it possible to change the basic radio in my 05 STS for one from the same year with navigation?
  7. Another new computer installed and no codes at all. Until it kills this new one. New alternator, battery, negative and positive cables.
  8. Just when you let your gaurd down and everything is running good, it all comes to a crashing halt. I last posted on Oct 15 2011 that all was well with my newly reflashed computer it has done the same thing and thrown a P0601. Still runs, idles high,won't shift. After the last time was fixed I put new negative and positive cables along with a new battery cause the piggy-backed positive cables looked crappy and the negative had some green in it. Thought this was added insurance. Guess not. What the hell could be killing these things. Now the third new on and from different vendors. Is there too much of a draw somewhere?
  9. Just wanted to inform you all on the results. The parts store exchanged my computer and after installing all is well so far. They got my new one from a different vender that charges a little more but had better results and less returns. The only thing that was different from the first 2 times was this time I had to wait for the security system to reset before it would start. It would turn over but wouldn't fire. But after waiting on that it has been perfect so far. Knock on wood. I still think it's time for something newer though. Thanks everyone for your help and ideas it really helps.
  10. Yes P0603 history is stillthere and no battery has not been disconnected
  11. It first happened about one year ago when going down the highway at speed I lost all but one forward gear. The instument cluster lit up like a christmas tree, as I got it slowed down I found it still had low gear and was idleing at 2700. I crept to my shop and put it on the scanner to find a code of P060. A freind told me where to go get a new computer after giving them my vin#s. They put in my unit under the 2 bolt cover and away I went. It started right up and was perfect for year. Then last week while merging onto the highway the same thing happened except not all the lights on the cluster. It was stuck in first gear and wouldn't shift and the idle was at around 2500. I was certain it had to be something else but it was putting out the same P060 code again. Because it was under one year they gave me another one and it again starated right up and was perfect for 2 days till it happened right at the same place getting on the highway just as it shifted into high gear. When it fries what ever it is it's on the same circut as the idle control motor and thats why it idles high. Something is causing them to burn out. Any ideas?
  12. Should I take it that there is little chance in finding out if this is repairable or not. I don't mind spending some time in checking things but I have no idea where to start. Something has to be burning these things out. Sure don't want to waste the effort in replacing another one without at least trying something else first. But if it's time to put her down, it's time. Maybe someone can use all the new parts that have been dumped in this car over the last few years.
  13. I'm not sure what can or can't be done as far as properly reflashing these things but I do know is all the repair shops around here all go here to get their stuff fixed. It came in a AC-Delco box with lots of papers and instructions and warranty papers. They have a cheaper no-name brand but was told for my own stuff to not use them. That aside any ideas what direction I should start checking or is it time to put this car down. Is the pcm the little board or chip that is located under the two bolt cover? Is that corrupted and what is screwing things up? What do you do if so? And why would it happen in the same exact time getting ready to shift into high gear? Could it be a switch in the trans causing something to draw to much amperage and burn it out?
  14. No idea where they come from but my local parts store takes my vin#'s and the next day I go pick up a new one and exchange my old one.