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  1. On my 03' Deville I had to use a lot of force to pull the panels off the back doors. First I removed the lock cover (little plastic piece that IS the lock on the back door, has a tiny plastic square that flips up then the entire piece lifts off). Then I put a screw driver in between the plastic cover and the door itself. The entire thing is held together with little plastic clips or screws (some of which I lost in the process). The plastic pieces have almost a snapping sound as your are muscling the interior door cover off. I just started by putting the flathead screwdriver as close to one of those pieces as I could. Then I would use the screwdrivers leverage to pop the panel away from the door frame. Getting the panel back on was much easier and I pretty much just set it in place and pushed. I had to kick it a few times to make sure the plastic clips/screws got set back into their screw holes.
  2. Did you ever get the panel off? I'm trying to figure out the same thing. charbo17@msu.edu

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