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  1. Hey There buddy. I cannot tell a lie. I went to 6 different transmission guys and they all said rebuilt or new. The 6 guy I went to was personable and talked to me about the torqe converter and new the codes of the top of his head. I told him i was considering getting rid of it and he gave me a full diagnostic took it out for a test drive. He advised me upfront that if it is the torque converter it would run me about $700 to $1000 and if it is the transmission it run me about $2500.00. Of course i new right then he was telling me what i wanted to hear. But he did take the car for about a week, took everything out advised me I had metal in the pan. Yeah I know horrible sounding words. the point here is he took his time and advised me all the way through. My wife told me to get rid of it and get a new one..... I just got my caddy back total bill $2808.96 this includes an engine mount. If you Love Your caddy like I love mine it will cost ya for this type of repair. Was it worth it yeah i would say so. I also purchased an extended warranty for the the engine and transmission I do plan on keeping it another couple of years and then on to the sts or the cts. Keep in mind that this is the only major repair i have done to the car God willing the last. If i can add any additional advice to cut the cost down I would shop around for a rebuilt transmission myself. Yes more leg work but it will cut cost. take it in and get it really looked at.
  2. That sounds like great news. I will start my search for that type of mechanic. Is this a known issue?
  3. Good morning gentlemen I cleared the codes last night which made my check engine light go off. I was not unhappy doing that, even if it does come back. I drove 15.6 miles and no light? I have to take my wifes less expensive Chrysler sebring in today for an oil change and brake maintenence. Will keep you Gentlemen up to date. Can anyone give me a range of pricing for this issue?
  4. Thank you for the information. I will look into pricing for this issue. I might have copied some of the codes down incorrectly. It was cold in the driveway.
  5. Ok guys I have 7 codes here the first set are logged as history.....pbm01713, ddm01714, ipmb1004 pccb1009 now current Pcm po741, pcmp1860, ipmb0429.
  6. Was that high dollar "tune up" more than replacing 8 spark plugs? If you look at the maintenance schedule section of your Owner's Manual you will not find any reference to "tune up" That terminology/concept has been rendered obsolete by unleaded fuel, distributor-less igntion, platimum tipped spark plugs, and digitally controlled engine fuel management (fuel injection) technology. What code(s) exactly? We need that information in order to provide any assistance. There is a torque converter solenoid but no such animal as a torque converter switch. You can display all Diagnostic Trouble Codes on your Driver Information Center; we need them. Here is how to: No way to answer because we don't know what the "issue" is.
  7. Good afternoon Gentlemen. I have a 2002 deville 94,000 miles and doing fine up until my check engine light appeared last week. It was in need of a tune up so I brought it in to a trusted mechanic. Tune up 489.00. Engine light gave a code for torque converter switch and a transmission code as well. I am assuming those are related. First question is this a known issue? and by the way i am 4000 miles past my warranty. Second question is how much will this cost me. I love my caddy and she loves me. This is the only issue I have had with her. Is it divorce time? Third and final question are there any work arounds for this issue ?
  8. As the old TV commercial used to say.... JUST DO IT. Then people will stop calling you names. You gentlemen are great. Thank you for all the advice and direction. I do have one last question. I have a keyless entry that is no longer functioning i changed the battery and still nothing. might have thrown my keys on the table to many times. so went to ebay and purchsed two additional keyless entry devices for my model. now the question. Caddilac dealership wants $50.00 per to program. I only have 2 main caddilac dealerships near my home and one of them is about 45 minutes away and they want $45.00 per key. Is this something that I can do? or is there a book I can purchase. I did read somewhere that I need a tech II scanner??
  9. Purchased a 2002 caddilac deville 62,000 miles march 1st of 08 drove it off the lot. I drive about 150 miles a week. I have been rather anal about oil changes. I have had 4 so far not for any reason but i just want to take care of this beautiful piece of machinery. 2 and half months ago i was 2 and half quarts low which scared the hell out of me. Nice mechanic let me get under the carriage no leaks he checked all of my gaskets checked my coolant and he just chalked it up to 150 miles a week back and forth to work give or take anther 10 miles to walmart per week. And i usually stay under 80 mph. I just went two weeks ago to change it again becuuse it felt like the car was driving rough like it needed an oil change. NO OIL ON MY DIPSTICK. But still no leaks no black smoke no smell. I use the factory oil it states in the book and i recently since the 1st oil change i started to use the super unleaded.
  10. My 2006 DTS does not have Blue Tooth. Wish it did. all of you thanks for the advice
  11. Unless I am badly mistaken.... Bluetooth did not even exist in 2002. At least not in cars. If you are talking about using the builtin phone... I think it works over the Verizon network in conjunction with OnStar. Ok. Did not know. Just thought it worked like a wireless speaker.
  12. I just purchased a 2002 deville. Best purchase I have made thus far. Does anyone know how to enable the onboard bluetooth phone to work with a bluetooth cell phone? Does not give me much info in the manual.