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  1. Thanks for the quick response. So fan on during heat is normal, but shouldn't there be 3 fans speeds during cooling mode? "Then, when trying the cooling mode, the fans come on and stay at one speed, no matter how many lighted bars are showing."
  2. Hi, I've only had the car a few weeks ('05 DeVille), so I'm still in learning mode. But, this does not seem right: Heated seats work fine in Lo, Med, Hi. BUT the seats cooling fans come on, same speed, no matter what the heat is set to. Then, when trying the cooling mode, the fans come on and stay at one speed, no matter how many lighted bars are showing. And this is the same for both front seats. At a different forum, a member says his fans come on in Heat mode too. Is this normal? Any Thoughts, suggestions, comments???
  3. Hi, I'm new here. just got my 1st Caddy last week. I had the exact same problem as you. I pulled the door panel, ready to replace the module and noticed 2 broken wires at the door jam. Also had 2 or 3 with the insulation torn. After some research, here and on the Net, I found that this is very common. Note the way the harness has to bend at one point, behind the panel. Saved myself $120 for the module, hope this helps.
  4. goodluck but fyi you can upgrade to a Bose RDS radio in your car as you have an external amp its a simple plug and play heck you could even install the Denso Nav unit in the car but that requires some repinning and running a wire Thanks, What would the upgrade do for me? I have a Garmin Nuvi 680 with Bluetooth, so that's not an issue.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I've learned that it is not an RDS radio. The 6 disk changer in the dash works fine, along with XM, but the CD in the head unit does the same thing as AM and FM. Click-Click-Click when you crank up the volume. I'm going to replace the unit, found one online for $60 + $16 S&H from a used parts dealer in RI. I bought the car from a friend who's a dealer. Paid $8800 wholesale and got a 90 day/3000 mile "aftermarket" drivetrain warranty, so I have to fix this myself.
  6. Hi Everybody, This is a Great Site. I just registered this morning and I'm learning a lot. I just bought an 05 Deville with 94K that I'm picking up this weekend. One thing that has us baffled is the radio. It turns on, display works, Satellite stations work fine, but there's no AM or FM signals. If we try to scan for stations, it just cycles thru without ever stopping. There's a cd changer in the glovebox that I will try tonight, along with disconnecting the battery for 10-15 minutes (just read about that here). I'm reading posts about how keys and fobs can be programmed to drivers for radio settings, etc. The car has only one key and the fob is for an aftermarket Remote Starter. Could that be the culprit? Any thoughts or suggestions? Can't wait to get it home and start on a few mods I've seen here. 18" Wheels, HID lights. Thanks in Advance,