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  1. Battery is brand new - AC Delco. My head lights are after market HID's. I've had electrical issues before. Bad battery plus my headlights are wired to the positive charge under the hood. This actually happened right after I changed a blown fuse for my headlights. I think I'll drive her longer then check for codes again. Thanks Mike!
  2. Here are the current codes that popped up - same ones I've had ever since I bought this car!!! PCM P0741 PCM P1860 Another thing I noticed is that my fuel gauge is empty - I just filled up last night. :S
  3. I was on the hwy this morning and the worst thing that could've happened came about... My coolant temp jumped to HOT and a couple warnings came up - coolant over heating and engine idle. I was about to go nuts when a few seconds later it jumps right back to normal (temp) and all warnings turn off as well. I pull over and see no signs of over heating, no smoke, no excessive heat, no smell. I resumed driving to get to work and everything seemed back to normal. Was this just a sensor issue? Please God tell me it is... although it will probably be JimD.. lol Thanks team!
  4. Hey team! I am absolutely clueless when it comes to tire knowledge. I'm looking for good all season tires between $200 - $250 (Canadian) per tire. Just got a flat and figured I'd replace all four. Tire size is P235/55RR17 for the STS. Thanks for the help! BD - I guess it would be personal preference but I'd like to know what everyone is riding on...
  5. So I bought my AC Delco battery (79-6YR)... Thanks btw Jim. Paid $250 for it - geez. lol Seems to be an easy pop out pop in however just checking with the team if that is true. Anything I should be careful about when installing my new battery? Thanks!
  6. I was going to buy an OEM (AC Delco) battery to replace my old one, but someone had mentioned Optima or "gel" battery. I don't have any additional power requirements such as a sound system - just aftermarket fogs and headlights (both HID). Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  7. I would love some advice on which ones to buy! Performance preferred of course... Thanks!
  8. I just did another test, and yes it does get a little louder turning right. It's very loud cruising at 60kmph going straight. How much does this generally cost to fix? How much longer can I be driving like this? Thanks guys!
  9. Noise gone on left turns and is with speed not acceleration or throttle. At idle I hear nothing... Thanks BBF!
  10. I have no idea what it is but the sound and vibration is coming from under my left foot. Almost seems like it's on the wheel, bearing or axle because the tone increases with speed, (not throttle). Sound seems to reduce when making left turns. (???) It's most heard when I'm doing about 50 - 70 km/hr. I'm thinking wheel alignment or bearing? I have no clue...
  11. Same problem here... Ever since the codes came up i've been trying to find a friendly mechanic in my area who'd be willing to do a side job... I'm not as rich as most Caddy drivers. (sigh)...living with the low MPG for now.
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