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  1. Called the tire shop to ask what kind of balancing they did. I found out that the GSP9700 was used but it had to be serviced by the rep since they did my tires. The boss agreed to redo all four at no cost. Can't get to till Monday so, we'll see. Scoutski
  2. Jason, Thanks for the link to Hunter, I looked up the shops in my area that have the GSP9700. Lo and behold, the place that balanced my tires has one. I did not ask for or was optioned the road force balancing. I will go back today and have it done. Scoutski
  3. Thanks Guys, I finally got up the nerve and used a big punch and brass hammer. I was suprised when it popped out with just one tap. The retainer ring is on the end of the transmission output shaft, it is a wire spring like ring. The housing on the CV joint is tapered so that when installing, the ring is compressed into it's grove then it expands into the slot that is cut into the splines at the back. Took it out for a test ride and still have a vibration that starts at 70 mph. Allready had the tires rebalanced, no help! Not shure what to do now.
  4. Thanks Jim, one less thing to worry about. I am having a hard time getting the CV joint out of the transmission housing. A post on this site stated that there is a barrel type detent inside that holds this in place. I have tried prying this out but I am afrade to use excessive force for fear of breaking somthing internally. Will I have to use a BFH to get it out? Is there a special tool to remove it? I yanked on the shaft and pulled the boot loose, leaving the housing still in the tranny. Man what a PITA. Scoutski
  5. During routine maintenance I noticed that the right front CVjoint was slinging grease at the inner boot. I figured that this was also the cause of a wheel shake at speeds above 70 mph. While disassembling to R&R the CV (half shaft) I noticed that the bolt holes in the rotor were larger than the wheel studs. This allowed some rotational movement. The question is, Is this normal for the OEM rotors? There isn't any wear on the rotors or pads so, I am assuming that the OEM's have been replaced. I used this forum to find out how to remove the axle shaft. Great site! Scoutski
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