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  1. I'm trying to imagine how black would look. And then the difference between white, silver and pearl. Hard to say, but I'm kind of interested.
  2. http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=18702
  3. This isn't necessarily a full blown review, but Texas Jim requested I mention how I like the car. I'm more than glad to share my experiences. As of today, my 2005 STS has 82,560 miles. In the glorious 80,000+ miles, I've had a couple problems with the car. At about 70,000 the power-steering pump went out. I had it fixed and it was back happily on the road. My passenger door occasionally won't open from the outside (this started when it was in for the power-steering pump). I haven't fixed this yet because it isn't necessarily a large problem. And of course, as many of you may know, the
  4. Sure enough, it works! I'm still puzzled because pretty much since we got the car, I've been driving it with the rain sense on (or so I thought). And the ambers were on. I know because whenever I drive by a reflective surface, I instinctively gaze at the car. The strip malls around here offer a great panorama. It'll do though. Thanks again!
  5. I'll look into it. However, prior I always left them on and it worked just fine (People would always get a good laugh at me trying to clean my windshield at the gas station and the car would kick the squeegee out of my hands because I left it on accessory). On the same note, I have noticed that on the interstate occasionally it will clean the windshield randomly. Maybe something is wrong with a sensor controlling that feature? I don't really know how that stuff works. Either way, I'm about to make a quick grocery run, I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  6. My 2005 STS doesn't want to use the amber lights anymore, which bothers me because I really love them (remind me of Corvettes). In the daytime, when it is bright outside, my STS insists on turning the lights on when set to auto. The dash lights stay bright as if it knows it's day time. I did a quick test at night.. the automatic brights work perfectly so I don't know what to think. Also, both lights work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. ___ Oh yeah I can't go without mentioning this on the side: On my way back home from a city 60 miles away, I used the rolling hills of Northern Iowa
  7. Yeah the keyless entry is pretty neat. The keys never leave my pocket. AJxtcman, are you sure that the inside has no linkage? I was under the impression otherwise because when you open it from the outside, there is a minuscule but noticable delay between pull and unlatch. The inside doesn't show this plus you can kind of feel a certain characteristic about it. But anyways, I'm going to make an appointment for it sometime. Probably not right away as I just got the car back and the passenger seat isn't really necessary as of now. But sometime late January will do. Or maybe sooner. It depen
  8. LOL this sounds exactly like what I do. I occasionally play my son's Xbox 360. My favorite game is Forza Motorsport 2 which has a CTS-V and I use it whenever I can. Even though it can feel kinda heavy compared to the Porsches and Ferraris which I'm straight up with on the straight-aways Oh and something that made me proud was that when my son first got his xbox, he borrowed from his friend a copy of Project Gotham Racing 3 and downloaded the V-Series pack and earned himself an "exclusive" gamer picture which is a Cadillac badge. In order to get it, he had to rank within 100 in the world. He
  9. Texas Jim: What should I be looking for under the seat? Just loose connections or something in particular? And speaking of the tire monitor, since winter started I've been getting a "service tpm" message after driving for a little bit. It doesn't read from the left-rear. I just kinda ignore it as the tires look fine and I don't really have time to be concerned with it. But could it be related possibly? BodybyFisher: I hear ya on luxury costs. My brother had an Mercedes and had a hell of a time with it. Window and other electronic problems galore starting at 30k miles just before the warran
  10. I honestly have never really noticed that the handle won't pull out as far when locked. I always have the keys around me so they unlock right away. However I did do somewhat of a test. I locked the car, threw the keys away from me and pulled the door handle. Now, if the door was working correctly and I pulled the handle, the little red security light on the door panel should blink once. When I tested this, it didn't blink. So I'm guessing that the connection is eroded or who knows what. I'm not very electronically inclined to say anything just yet And that brings me to your next idea of a
  11. Hi! I have a 2005 STS4 v8 and just today noticed that the passenger door no longer works. And since the exterior handle relies on electrionics, I can't get in it from the outside at all. The background: I recently and proudly put her 70,000th mile on. Not 500 miles afterwards I had my first real problem with the car. The power-steering went. My mechanic said that the lines were leaking and so I had them replaced at a fairly hefty price of almost $600. However that also included an oil-change, geneal check-up, parts and labor (which was actually the majority of the cost). But anyways, I
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