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  1. My 99 STS wouldnt start today, until I jump started in. It wasn't very cold today about 50 deg. It has an 85 month Interstate battery bought in Feb 2006, so it is about 4 years old. After I jump started it, it seemed fine. The guys up at O Reillys checked the battery with a meter and it said it had about 12.4 Volts and tested good. The alternator was putting out about 13.8 volts and tested OK. I though maybe an interior light got left on, but that doesnt make any sense with the auto shutoff battery saver feature. Do you think it is time for a new battery?? or have you heard of the saver switch not shutting the interior lights off?It had only sat overnite. The battery OReillys had is $134 so I wanted to be sure before I replaced it. Not showing any codes. Showing 14.1v after starting Have started it numerous times after this one incident throughout the day. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Looking for an expert's knowledge as I am wanting to change the fluid in my 99 sts. I plan on dropping the pan and draining it that way. Is there a plug once I remove the pan and filter screen that will also need to be drained. Of course I am not changing the torque converter fluid so how many quarts will I need? Any advice appreciated. Experienced techs advice particularly. Thanks in advance for your answer
  3. Long time reader first time poster. This one on a 99 STS. Would someone be kind enough to tell me what the small belt is on the drivers side of engine???? Shes got about 120K on her and thinking this belt may need to be changed. Looks like kind of a difficult to get to belt. Any advice from an expert would be appreciated. Thanks
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