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  1. Hey all, hope all is well. My 2002 sls has 145k miles on it and I'm having a a/c issue. When I first start the car and turn the AC on it blows freezing cold. But when the car has been running for a while and I turn the AC off and go to turn it back on, nothing happens. Does not matter if I put the temp on hot or cold. Nothing blows out at all. It only does it sometimes, usually when the car has been running for an extended period of time. Any ideas? Side note I just put a deposit on a 2005 DTS, beautiful car I'm so excited to pick it up on thurs. but I want to see what the issue is with my sls as I do not want to sell it if it has any issues. As always I appreciate your help and advice. You guys are awesome.
  2. does anyone know if there is any access panel at all, or do i have to take the fuel tank out? anyone have the link to the manual where i could get instructions to do this job myself?
  3. does anyone know if there is any access panel at all, or do i have to take the fuel tank out? anyone have the link to the manual where i could get instructions to do this job myself?
  4. Embarrassingly enough, i ran out of gas. I coasted to the side of the road and had a friend bring me gas. Now the car still wont start. I tried it so many times that the battery is now dead. When i hit the gas tank with a rubber hammer it ran for about 10 seconds before it stalled out again. I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get my caddy back running. Hoping i dont have to replace the fuel pump, any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. So it all started when im driving down the road and the doors started unlocking themselves. Now the doors automaticly lock when the car is shifted into drive, but now they unlock while driving. they also try to unlock once already unlocked, and the noise is annoying. The worst part is that when i walked outside this morning, the car wasnt started yet, and the headlights were on as if i had already pressed the unlock button from the keypad and the doors are unlocked, but i didnt press anything yet. Same thing happened when i was walking out of the gym. This poses the obvious problem of my car being unlocked all the time at random. Any ideas?
  6. i have a 2000 dts and i am having window problems. 3 of my 4 windows, with the exception of the drivers window, will go down with use of the button, but will not go up. also when i hit a bump in the road the window will fall down little by little until it is all the way down and has to be retrieved by pliers because they do not go up. when you hit the up button the motor for the window makes a grinding noise. I would like to fix this problem myself due to cost, but i dont know where to start.
  7. i had a full tune up, plugs, wires, fuel filter, etc. however the light came back on. last post someone mentioned that it may be coils or an injector? what would be your next course of action?
  8. it was a radiator hose, easy fix. thanks for the help
  9. hey all, back again for some of your expertice. i was driving around all day and pull into my house with the car turned off to find that after i go in the house my neighbor comes and tells me my car is smoking. there was cooland that sprayed through the front grill especially near the front right headlight. i popped the hood and noticed that there is a radiator hose right there but nothing was leaking anymore. i have yet to start the car again as i am afraid to do damage to the engine. i doubt that this is a head gasket issue as i believe that that would not cause the coolant to spray out the front end. my mechanic doesnt open till monday and he is 5 mins away but i am afraid to drive it there. any ideas? again...thank you for all your help
  10. is it possible that the plugs, wires, etc is responsible for the knocking of the engine when it is reved?
  11. Hey all. hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend. Last time i posted it was about an oil light and you guys hit the nail on the head. again, i thank you for that. now to the next issue. when i accelerate the engine whether in park or driving, there is a knocking noise comming from the engine. the service engive light is also on so i ran the codes. the only current codes were pcm p0300 and tcs c1285 any ideas?
  12. This can be the oil pressure switch being bad, the light goes out just above idle. I replaced mine and it did not fix the problem and I have a theory What kind of oil are you using 10W30? Has your car sat without running for long periods of time? I believe the case half seals leak internally lowering the pressure at idle Try oil for high mileage engines, it has conditioners in it that can help the seals. If that does not help, you might try 15W40 (Delvac or Rotella). it sat 2 years ago before i bought it. but since i bought it 2 years ago i have put 40k miles on it without any problems. i believe im using 5w30 on the car, so i will try a high milage 10w30 oil
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