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  1. I had not set up email notification on some postings and since my time is limited and I am very stressed out with the move I just pop in and look around once a week or so. I have been getting short with a few people on another forum and that is never good. I also may be away from a PC for a few days and then that leads for more fuel to the fire.
  2. Hey guys I am relocating to Charlotte. I have been MIA. Once I get to Charlotte and settled in I will be back 100% This is a long move and will take some time.
  3. HP vs 1/4 mile calculator Your DHS weighs about 4400 pounds and can complete a 1/4 mile in about 14.7 seconds. That means that you've got about 273.77 HP at the wheels, and about 355.90 HP at the flywheel. Not so bad from a 275 hp engine
  4. Not so bad for a 2003 DHS. Stock was a 16.1 6.308 60' 9.597 1/8 @76.03 14.7 @ 94.8 MPH
  5. NO The offset is different and they will rub on the strut!
  6. If you have an open in the brake lamp circuit you will get ABS and a TCS messages. It the Center High Mount Stop lamp circuit is open you will get the ABS & TCS messages. Depending on the cars wiring it may just be a turn signal or hazard switch problem. I don't have a 96 book with me.
  7. #01-08-126-001: Information Regarding On-Board Navigational Systems - (Nov 20, 2001) Subject: Information Regarding On-Board Navigational Systems Models: 2000-2002 Cadillac DeVille, Seville -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction During the course of the last few years, great strides have been achieved relative to the usage of innovative technology within the automotive industry. An example of this technology is the availability of navigational systems to assist customers in their ownership experience. The intent of this bullet
  8. This is not a MLS gasket. The RWD Northstars use MLS gaskets. Well atleast the 4.4L S/C does. I think they all do, but I am not 100% sure of that right now. I will check into it.
  9. Make: GM Engine: Cadillac V8 4.6L Description: Northstar 4.6L 32V Left Side Bore: 3.700" Material: MLS / C.O.T. - .065" StockCode: C5716-065 Pkg Qty: 1 Price: $118.09 Make: GM Engine: Cadillac V8 4.6L Description: Northstar 4.6L 32V Right Side Bore: 3.700" Material: MLS / C.O.T. - .065" StockCode: C5717-065 Pkg Qty: 1 Price: $118.09
  10. This is my story with the 3.6L I have seen a very high failure rate on this engine. It is so high that I have nicknamed it the new 4100. The problem is not every engine fails. Going back into the history of each failure I have found not one customer that had the oil change at the required interval. On top of that I have found the first oil change to be very high. The lowest at 7000, but most have been 9000 to 15,000 on the first oil change. When the cars get in the area of 20,000-30,000K they consume about 4 to 6 quarts every 4000 to 5000 miles. The customers that had the first oil change at
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