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  1. So my idiot bil wrecked our old 95 Eldo, and I need to know if the front bumper cover and relatede accessories are the same as 94 or 96 parts? Help? TIA!
  2. 18-19 mpg around town? That's pretty good, and it wont get much better than that. On the highway? Not so much. If your plug wires have never been changed, change them. It should help tremendously.
  3. My STS does fine in the snow, but I don't run the performance tires either. All seasons work best for how/where we drive it. Besides, the TAC does a fine job of getting the car moving in virtually any weather condition. As far as the comment about Vette-like torque? Not even close.
  4. "IPC B1911 current" mean anything to you? I can't seem to clear it. Also, the idiot light for the battery is on, but there is indeed 14.5 or so volts at the battery with the car running. As far as the alternator goes, I believe it was a Bosch unit that was installed.
  5. Thanks a ton, Mike! I'll let you know if I run into any other problems.
  6. We took the Eldo to a wedding at a little B&B with very limited parking. THe valets were directing everybody to a small, unpaved road and lot ~500 yards up the hill, including my buddy's very nice twin turbo 300Z. When we pulled up, the valet "created" space for us right in front, next to the Benz and Range Rover. No dirt required! Another valet once remarked how driving the Eldo was like driving his couch, and when I congradulated him on having a nice couch, he confessed that his couch wasn't quite that nice.
  7. I just had the alternator replaced on my Pops 97 Deville, but the "Battery Not Charging" message has not gone away. All readings done with a meter seem to be within normal parameters, so I'm not sure why the message is still on. Help?
  8. I like Wesleys Bleach-White (sp?), it's the best cleaner I've ever used on tires, but it still wont look as good as with dressing.
  9. If you have the glass shop source the parts themselves, you may have an easier time of it if any warranty issues arise. It doesn't hurt to do your homework first, however. Know the price of the parts before you go, maybe even have a print out on hand so you can have some leverage.
  10. I apologize for the delay in re-posting, but....; 2005 STS4 Coming from previous 6 year ownership of a 1995 Eldorado, as well as having a 1997 Deville and a 2002 STS in my father’s and father-in-law’s respective garages, gives me great perspective on where Cadillac has come from, and where it’s going in the future. First, let me say I loved my Diamond White Eldo! Great looks, backed up by very nice, reliable performance, combined with a roomy and luxurious interior, made that car one of my all time favorites. The new STS has a very big shoes to fill indeed! After a few weeks of shoppin
  11. So you guys didn't like my review? Where'd it go?
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