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  1. matter fact, would it be one of those books you can get at pep boys.. should i get one of those? i think maybe.
  2. and, i did that on off thing 8 times before i cranked it. didn't help . it needs to be cranked several times before working. i dunno.
  3. are there any forums here w/ pictures of the fuel pump and check valve install?
  4. hm. when i went to go expunge the pressure from that valve, there was NONE. which leads me to believe this is the cause for the trouble starts. it seems as if each time I go to try and start again the poor thing has to rebuild the appropriate pressure in order to start. I've heard of an o-ring somewhere in the system that is prone to wear.. any hints or other possibilities?
  5. thanks. i should go buy a fuel pressure regulator, new or junk yard.. easy to install?
  6. Well, I just fixed my ac compressor! did my belts, brrrrr its cold in there !!! woo hoo! .. sorry anyways. I still have my main problems waiting for me. If my car sits for a while (more than a couple hours) (or if i hadn't run it for long enough, it'd be right away) .. it takes a few sometimes several on off start on off start to get the *smurf* running. and it'll try the last couple but just sputter. then finally starts (quite embarrassing, but i don't care) so, i did the tune up, fuel filter, plugs, wires... etc i am gonna check my fuel pressure psi today.. but i also came up with an ecm error also a throttle control solenoid thing ( the pencil probe that pokes in the bottom of the block ... i replaced that .. didn't do shiz). i'll let you know more after today, i really want to get this baby starting like a real caddy. any help is appreciated. my next question is a body question... i look all through google and caddy forums but never got what i needed.. I was trying to figure out if i could remove the clunky moldings on my sls doors, you know the chrome and plasticy thing there..? i was gonna take em off putty the holes and paint thedoors then the bumpers. make it a more clean look. however, i don't wanna go into it without knowing how to take em off properly.. Thanks.
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