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  1. hello right now i have a 99 deville ive had a lot of problems with it but lately its been an ok car, i dont really like my northstar engine cause in the winter it does the nasty noise when its cold... it also leaks and im alwas afraid of the head gasket premiue gas ,,, now for 2000 are there big changes engine wise??? are they very common to have head gasket leaks and kocking noise like the old nothstar??? i also want a chrysler 300 m special aditoin 2003 my friend had an lsh from chrysler and it rann really good what yall think..
  2. i have a nothstar engine and i need a cadillac deville 97-99 to put it in anybody has one?
  3. well i used some glue i got from homedepot it worked good as far as the antene u might need a new one i think u can find them on ebay for like 30 dollars shipped.
  4. so what sensor im i looking at where is it located??? so i can replace it ??? thanks.
  5. today i checked my codes on my 99 deville and i got the p0146 code what sensor is this ???? i think i got three different ones one in the front on in the back of the engine and one in the catt so what sensor is p0146???
  6. Hello today my 99 deville came up with this code p0147 i think its an oxigen sensor,, im thinking it could be the same one my local mechanic fixed last year its the one under front of the ingine. when i took my car in for repair he said that one of the wires was burnt or something so from the front oxygen sensor he run a wire to the rear oxigen sensor and said that getting the power from the rear oxygen sensor would fix the problem, i kinda dindt like having a wire running from on sensor running to the other i thought that was gonna mess things up but the light never came back again till today anybody knows what i can do???
  7. i need the chrome that is on the the door and my car is a 1999 deville.
  8. hi i was wondering if someone new where to get the chrome trim for the doors the one located in the center of the doors for my deville????
  10. hi i was wondering where could i get all the crome molding, im going to paint my 99 deville and the crome is a lil old and as yall know i dont wanna have a great paint job and shity moldings, anybody selling good condition one please let me know thanks.
  11. hi some of u already know my steering column is broken from previous topics, im going to try to fix it by getting an used column from ebay for like 80 bucks with shipping but i dont understand about the active brake control?? how do i know if my current steering culumn has the active brake control or not or what does that mean?? the culumn comes with the key but am i still need to get another key made in order to start the car?? is that a dealer thing???how much? or can some shopps do it thank a lot for ur help.
  12. i tought the head gasket problem was from bolt comming out the block, but yeah it sucks that this engines have this problems i also have a pretty good oil leak from the engine.
  13. yep it does, it suck for my friend cuase he just bought it spend all his money on it and it seems to have a blown head gasket, exact same thing happen to me i spend all of my money on my deville and a month later the head gasket problem cost me around 2700 parts and labor to repair so i was broke for a long time. now everytime i see a nothstar engine i have this back feeling of blwo head gasket.
  14. i forgot to add of another guy with a 97 deville and yes head gasket and thats from the few people that i know with cadillacs, i cant emagine the whole world.
  15. hi, today my friend told me that his 98 deville seems to be consuming coolat, he said he top off the reserve tank and that this morning it was almost empty, i checked the oil and it seems to be at level and opened the oil cap and i dint see any chocolate looking oil, the car doenst seem to leak any coolant but it did started to hesitate a lot throwing code p0300, what percentage northstar engines from 96-99 could fall into the head gasket problem??? i bought my 99 deville 123kmiles and i had the head gasket problem, i know if another guy that got a 94 concourse head gasket, i know of another guy with a seville and yes same head gasket, i went to a mechanic shop today they had a 97 seville i asked them what was wrong with it they said head gasket wtf??? i love my car but since i have an used engine with about 100kmiles now im pretty worry again of a head gasket problem what yall think??.
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