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  1. Interesting! Among the numerous repairs I've made to this old Caddy, replacing a copilpack was one of them. BTW...all mounts are solid. Re: symptoms of the shut down....it's really hard to distinguish when in a multi-hour roadtrip zone, buzzing on a 5 hour energy drink, on cruise control, on a dark desert highway, with the stereo on and suddenly you notice you have no accelleration. But...your description of tach going to 0, then bumping back up, then going back to 0, sounds familiar. Almost like it was trying to hang on, but ultimately died. ANother thing that might be relevant. After sitting in the garage for, say, a week, then needing to move it out of the way for whatever reason, it has great difficulty starting...even after priming the pump before turning the key all the way. Maybe we're onto something? Bad pump or coilpack connection?
  2. I have changed the fuel pump and through the years of dealing with this mess, I have never seen an O2 sensor related error code...ever. Thanks for your input! Did you install the new generation pump with the modifications to the wiring? There were issues with the harnesses both inside the tank and just outside the tank. Wow...I really don't know. I installed the new one a few years back. Do you have any way to identify the bad (or good) ones? I keep every invoice and can reference any serial numbers necessary.
  3. I have changed the fuel pump and through the years of dealing with this mess, I have never seen an O2 sensor related error code...ever. Thanks for your input!
  4. Jim... Before this current round of issues, I did clear all codes. The resulting codes were TPS related as well as tranny solonoid related codes (sticking), thus randomly not shifting out of second gear after going into limp home mode. And...the old 095 stall code. Thanks for the new concept of checking for codes with cleared OBD history, while coasting or more safely, once coming to a halt. I never thought about fuel pressure being a possibility.
  5. I have changed the fuel pump, but have not checked the grounds under the fuse box (or for corrosion). I'll def. give it the once over.
  6. For many years my Eldo has been having stalling issues. Now it's to the point I cannot rely on it anymore! It just sits in the garage until I'm able to figure out the source of the problem. OBD codes are present, ranging from MAP errors to TPS errors to the 095 stall code. I've been around the block enough times with this car to know that because a code is generated, ie, open map sensor, does not mean the sensor is bad. In fact, I have come to learn that a loose ground wire can cause the computer to freak out and generate non-relevant messages. Since someone on another forum suggested I check the battery connections and make sure they are tight, I have kept that info fresh in my mind and accessed it during the last time I had issues. I was driving back from an art show in Las Vegas at night, in the desert. While in cruise control, I noticed the tach drop down to zero and that sinking feeling hit again that once again, the car stalled. I coasted off the road onto the shoulder, grabbed my flashlight, opened the hood and because I remembered the advice about the battery terminal, I wiggled the pos and neg. cables, then made sure they were connected tight to the terminals, climbed back into the car and it started right up. Doing nothing might have (and has) given me the same results. After 4 more random stalls, the car decided to drive me the balance of the trip home without further issues. Other common symptoms were computer telling motor to go into limp home mode, where it would not shift out of second gear, then all of a sudden, that problem going away and car running perfectly for several weeks. After speaking with some diagnostic people, the concensus seems to be that I have an electrical problem and the only way to solve it is to recreate it when car is running. this could potentially mean tracing each and every wire harness from beginning to end, trying to make the car stall. This could end up taking days and resulting in a bill that costs more than the old car is worth. I first tried to mess around with the battery connections while car was running, but I could not get the car to stall. The other variables I can recall since the problems began were changing the old blower motor with a new one. I had to "rig" the wire harness connectors, because one of the tabs broke. I have, like a fool, changed both MAP sensor and TPS sensor. During replacing the latter, I remember having to pull a wire harness out of the way to do the job. Could straining a wire harness or "rigging" another be at the root of all this evil? Maybe a wire has come to rest on a hot part of the engine and melted through insulation? I just don't know! If anyone has encountered this random stalling nightmare and discovered a solution, PLEASE don't hesitate to share!
  7. erratic has been the norm for this old caddie! today, after a highway and local street test drive, I had ZERO issues, without changing anything from yesterday. I don't know where all the sensors and switches barczy01 mentioned are located, but I think I got the jist of what he's saying: inspect wire harnesses and make sure there are no signs of melt-throughs or individual wires pulling away from harness connectors. I do recall the connector for the TPS appearing that someone had electrical taped it over for one reason or another.
  8. FOLLOWUP: Since this lousiness occured, I have not had a single issue. I did absolutely nothing. Today, I did an oil change, atf change and replaced the TPS with a new one. After replacing the TPS, the car started acting up again! Getting intermittent & open TPS error messages again, then ultimately, the lousy 095 (stall) code. I suppose it's possible I got a bad new TPS, but I plan to put the old one back in and hope for the best. Anyone else replace a sensor with a new one, only to have the car act up after the install?
  9. After speaking with a local transmission guy who was familiar with these OBD codes, he said something that made sense re: my sequence of events. TPS sends goofy signals to computer, which in turn, sends message to tranny to go into limp home mode, which might have caused the tranny-related error signals. Based on that, I have ordered a new TPS with hope that it was the root of the problem. As an aside, to date, since monday, I have had absolutely no issues with the car. I cleared all codes and am driving like nothing ever happened...go figure.
  10. KHEre: TPT sensor, when testing, I can only assume looking for a "blip", as you described it, needs to be done while car is running?
  11. Does anyone know the part number for this transmission solenoid kit? I've done a search on gmpartsdirect.com and did not come up with a match. Our local parts stores aren't finding a match for a kit that has 2 solonoids and all the other parts mentioned in this post.
  12. KHE...If the solonoids were actually damaged, wouldn't it (they) stay damaged and malfunctioning? Since I made it home monday night, the car has run perfectly.
  13. Another note relative to my situation: since returning home monday night, the car has not had a single problem...runs very normally. If there was a bad solonoid, would it behave like this: for the very first time ever causing tranny to not shift out of 2nd, then, for the last 75 miles of my trip, operate normally, then operate normally until present? also...might the TPT errors and the open fuel pump circuit errors be related to the engine's behavior due to solonoid acting up? and lastly...will bad battery connections cause all the errors and erratic behavior I experienced?
  14. Might the "A" solonoid be sticking due to old ATF? And, since I'm not a mechanic, if it came down to it, is replacing said solonoids something I could do? re: TPS. I replaced one many years ago, but don't recall where it is located.
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