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  1. It's actually $1.79 The one I got is made of some type of concentrated paper, not rubber.
  2. I'd say the 110 is a better looking car. I don't see the purpose to a top speed like that other than braging rights. I'd be much more concerned with the 0-60 time and acceleration of the car. I'd be more likely to get struck by lightening than see the Veyron, but there is a fellow nearby who owns a Gulf Gas station that has an H1 Hummer, Noble M12 and 360 Modena. I've actually seen three seperate 360's all within the same 30 foot area of this major road in town, so I suppose it's a fairly common car, also heavily produced as well. But my god does the 360 sound great. I guess that's what you get from an extremely well performing V8.
  3. I think I found what you're referring to there blue_eldo. Click the link below please... http://www.autozone.com/R,NONAPP22758/stor...oductDetail.htm It can't really be $18 for a piece of rubber though, can it?
  4. Are they generally the same size all across the board. What I mean is, do you think VIP, Autozone, Pepboys or NAPA would have it?
  5. When I was working on the FPR yesterday I broke this little rubber ring that wraps around the air intake (?) on the engine. It was pretty brittle so i'm not surprised it broke, but I would like to get a new one. What's it called? Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. Thanks
  6. Well guys, here's what I did. I just spent about four hours working on it and I didn't accomplish much. I attribute that to the fact that I'm not too good with cars, but after a while I think that anyone who spent the amount of time I spent working on this particular piece will become an expert on it The screw I'm working on removing is a Torx T30 size screw. I went to Home Depot, Sears and AceHardware and they all have the same hardened steel screwdriver. Those don't bend, FYI, they snap, haha. So after looking at my situation for a few moments I got pretty frustrated and went down to the basement and retrieved my grandfathers old, and I mean OLD drill. It smells like a World War Two ship when it's running, haha. I drilled out that Torx screw so now it's almost not there. Almost is a key word because what is left is being a *smurf* and holding the FPR in...tight. As of now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe it was a bad idea to drill out that screw because it looks like it hold it in place. I just want to get out that FPR now and get in the new one and take it from there. I'll get the job done tomorrow, more info then!
  7. Mike, he is talking about a 4.9. Yes, I was referring to the FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) If someone has a service manual for my Seville/Engine maybe they can tell me the tool they use to remove it, because it must be something special to fit in there. Like I stated, I tried bending a Torx wrench that I knew fit and it shattered after I bent it about 90 degrees. Maybe an angled Torx screw diver would do the job, but they are only slightly angled, not angled in a "U" Shape (300+ degrees) like I would need for this job.
  8. Well, I just spent about two hours working on the darn thing and I'm not better of than if I sat watching TV. The space down there is so small I can hardly get my finger in there, let a lone a screw driver. I took a piece of play dough and managed to press it against the screw to determine it is indeed a Torx screw. I had a Torx screw driver that fit so I was bending it so I could fit it in there when it snapped in two at about 90 degrees. How the heck do the GMC technicians remove the darn screw? I'd hate to have to bring it in to have a screw removed, especially since I know how to do everything else.
  9. Yeah, we were looking to remove the fuel pipes there, but that seemed a bit too excessive to simply remove the FPR. So you just bent it upwards and then unscrewed it?
  10. I've lent out the Blazer to friends a few times who needed to move stuff around. That car's got so many problems now though that I really don't give a darn if they drive it hard because the life left on it is short to none. The Caddy...no. I've let people drive it, but only when I'm in the passanger seat.
  11. Hey Guys, I'm working on replacing my FPR because I think it may have something to do with my poor gas mileage. I've been working on removing the old one from the car but it isn't so simple. There is a double screw (bolt on top and underneath) that holds the FPR in place, and the one underneath is almost impossible to remove without some type of very special tool which I suppose must exist. Can anyone give me some info on how to remove the FPR on a 1993 4.9L Seville? Thanks, Marcus It's the screw located underneath the area inside the red circle
  12. I'm getting into this project tomorrow. I went to my regular yard today and the one Seville with fog lights was smashed and no good, so I'm going to this huge place tomorrow. It's a bit of a drive so I'm going early and giving myself about two hours to do this. I'd like to get this all done in one trip. Here's what I need to know, hopefully someone here has some knowledge of the wiring and bumper for a Seville STS 1. The STS front bumper for a '92-'97 will fit on a SLS from '92-'97, correct? 2. How do I remove the underneath part of the front bumper? 3. As far as the wiring goes, can I remove it from the Seville and install it in mine? 4. The fog light control piece on the dash, how do I remove that and put it in my car? 5. What Should I be looking at spending for the front underneath part of the bumper? Thanks a ton guys!
  13. No, Unfortunately, I don't have the V1, I couldn't afford it, haha. I have a Beltronics Vector 940, an entry level upper class Radar Detector. Jeff, there is a large piece of gray plastic that covers the area that i think you're referring to, right where my shin's are. Do I remove that to find those wire's?
  14. Alright, so I looked at it again today and I'm even more confused. What's the best or easiest way to wire this thing in, because I don't like driving without a Radar Detector.
  15. I called up some friends, one of whose father run's a repair shop. They all gave me different answer's, none of which were clear cut and kind of applied to their car in particular. I'm a bit lost here, haha
  16. Getting rid of the DTS? What are they, nuts? I don't know much about cars, but ever since I have been a kid when I think of Cadillac I think of the Deville. Kind of like the rock of gibraltar for Cadillac. Getting rid of that seems like a huge mistake to me. I'm a big guy too. 6' 1" at 240 pounds and my 1993 Seville fits me well. The ES300 is rather small and the Chevy Blazer isn't much better, they are both tight for me and that's why I only drive each when the benefits of them are needed (Fuel Mileage/GPS and 4WD). The LS430 is very roomy inside but I'm not allowed to drive that because I've been told it's worth more than me So really, having a big car is kind of a requirement more than a desire for me. I don't see why they don't import the SLS to the U.S. instead of only China these day. It looks like a really nice car to me.
  17. I've watched quite a few episodes of Top Gear at my friends house and on Youtube and I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of Jeremy. The show is great in my opinion, but Jeremy is very biased and a total jerk to everything American. Then again, Jeremy is the show I suppose so maybe I'm being hypocritical. Needless to say, my mouth waters when I see some of the car's they have in that show. As for the M5, I saw a very much stock one at a car show this past summer with a couple friends. It wasn't that nice, although the owner said he can move very fast in it. Then again, it was a Supra show so he was the oddball there, haha.
  18. May be the case indeed. I find it hard to believe they left out RPM's and temp.
  19. So by "under the dash" you mean the wires that are at the foot area of the passenger side or physically under the dash? How do I get to them otherwise? Also, when you say connect, is there a port I can plug into, or do I need the crimp which cuts into the wire and allows me to then plug into? Thanks Jeff Alright. So I came home today and I found the direct wire in the mail. I'm ready to set it up. I was checking out underneath the passenger side on the floor where that black plastic cover is and there are a ton of wires down there but I'll be damned if I know what they do. So anyhow here is a picture of the wire to maybe help figure out how to wire this thing up, although I'm willing to bet they all look the same and I'm just a fool, haha.
  20. My father mentioned the show to me. I've got two direct family members who served, both Grandfathers. One in the Pacific and the other an MP in Europe. Fortunately, I've gathered a lot of stories from the only one still living who was in Europe. I've got his parade and officer uniform as well as a lot of other stuff he had then. He also got me into Target shooting which I love doing now, unfortunately not with him though because he's gotten sick. I take a lot of interest in all wars, foreign and domestic, because if we forgot who's to say it won't happen again? I've got a somewhat small but well assorted collection of History books as well. I was actually lucky enough to meet one of the last First World War veterans before he died two weeks after I met him. Antonio Pierro was his name, and he lived a bit of a distance for me but it was well worth the trip to speak with the guy. Great stories and it was truly an honor for someone like myself to meet him. I'm pretty sure I'll be one of the last people from my generation or any generation after to have met a First World War veteran. But yeah, I'll try and catch that show if I can. I heard it was supposed to be good.
  21. All done. Real simple and straight forward once you figure out that you have to pull those tabs out rather than push in. Thanks for the help guys. Onwards and upwards to the direct wiring of the Radar Detector.
  22. There's many programs you can use to make a duplicate of that disc. DVDFabDecrypter is a free one which will take the files directly off that disc assuming it's a DVD.
  23. I see what you're talking about. It is indeed a tight fit. I'll give it a shot tomorrow when I venture out to see if my nose run's in the sunlight I'm afraid this job will call for my mother's fine silverware though
  24. I thought it would have been the Cadillac Sixteen or Cien as the fastest Cadillac.
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