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  1. By intermittent I mean rough idle, surging, sometimes stalling at stoplights, etc. It will run fine for days then all of a sudden start these actions after the car has been running for maybe 5 minutes or so. If I open the coolant cap and allow the pressure to release, it usually fixes (temporarily anyway) the problem. From what I've been able to gather, a bad Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor can send bad info to the PCM and cause such issues so I plan on replacing it. I know where the sensor is, but can barely see it, so what all needs to be removed to get at it? Thanks for the reply, F16Ve
  2. I have an '93 Eldo ETC that has been giving me intermittent running problems and Codes P073, Intermittent Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Signal; P095, Engine Stall Detected; and finally, a P036, EGR Valve Pintle Out Of Range. The P036 and P073 came back after allowing the car to cool and the codes cleared then driven for a week. It also gives an (apparently) bogus Engine Hot and Stop Engine Now warnings. I say bogus because the car does not actually seem hot and the Inst Panel Display appears normal. I suspect the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is the culprit but have replaced the
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