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  1. I'm kinda surprised they still don't have a more powerful engine option planned for the new CTS. You've either got a 304hp V6 or spend way more money and get a 556hp CTS-V. They just need something inbetween, even if it's closer to the the standard CTS. Let's say, 380hp, for example. I know they've got CAFE to worry about. But if the competition can come out with powerful engines that get descent MPG, so can GM.
  2. Well, I think there is enough blame to go around, so there really is no need to pin it on any one thing. Just in general, nobody cares what the government, banks, or financial industry is doing until something blows up. And they know it! Add that to the fact that your average consumer just isn't very bright... and it's amazing something like this didn't happen sooner. When it comes to making decisions, we have a very "reactive" country. Unless it's making headline news right now or has already blown up, nothing is going to happen to fix a potential issue. The question is...will everybody learn from their mistakes? Or will they wait until things recover and go back to the way things were by making bad financial decisions and buying things they can't even remotely afford? People do tend to have a fairly short-term memory... so we'll see!
  3. I wonder how many thought it was a joke and just signed it anyways. Probably not enough! Well, at least one of them didn't sign it.
  4. I've already read a few articles on the new CTS-V and they certainly do sound promising. I suppose we already know the interior looks awesome based on the non-V CTS. Can't wait for a few comparison tests to see how it does against the competition. Not to mention once the Top Gear folks come out with their review from their recent testing.
  5. The NAV on the new CTS works great. Much better than the nav in my old '06 YD. Easier to use and read. It's just overall far more intuitive. I've only run into one issue with mine. The voice guidance won't automatically reduce the music volume from the AUX/USB input. The real-time weather works great although there is a bit of a delay before it updates, which isn't an issue on long trips. And the real-time traffic is still only in major cities. So it works where I live, but when travelling, it would be cool if they'd hurry up and expand to non-major cities.
  6. I mean, how could you not vote for Mickey?