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  1. well, if my neighbor had the only dog in town, that be about right. nope, i am not a GM lover as you claim to be. but i'm not a GM hater either. i did step on your toes by calling GM ugly - i did, i did, i did. talk to almost any Allante owner and you will also feel that, having been screwed over and over by GM Mgt. i did apologize for doing that and not only did you not acknowledge, but you went at it some more, in public, again. in my world we call that ARROGANCE. i am an American car lover, i respect the worker of America, although soon that worker will most likely have no job to go to. i know, i only got 51 posts vs your 4,000+ posts, so i havent paid my dues by posting as many and i havent adopted a screen name that yells of GM love. i was invited to drop inhere to help where i could, not to be bullied and dumped on .. i dont need that, it isnt like i make money doing this and i am not interested on a turf war.. i dont know who you are, never said anything against you or anyone else, i put forth my experiences with cars as you have. they are just different. gotta tell you, i got my own site to deal with. tell you what .. enjoy your site, farewell and best wishes... anyone that wants MY opinion / experiences can follow this search to its origin and talk to me. with goggle, do a < cadillac allante xyz facts >, not sure why anyone would, but nevertheless ... you all take care .. that includes you, BodybyFisher. you do know plenty about cars, and except for the territorial thing, you seem like an ok guy.
  2. please, do read my post again. what you say is not much different than what i said. as you stated yourself, i also have never seen a flat cam i think this owner is not telling us something. i eluded to that more than once in this thread. even sadder, is the attitude that he will never buy or recommend a N*, based on what? IMO, the N* family is the premier car engine of the century. BUT, if all was done as per GM requirements, and the owner is telling us everything, the only solution i can then see is a bad batch that didnt get tested for proper hardness, something would be out of the statistical range - that would be GM's job. did the dealer do the right things or did they "create work"? dont know. the dealer flies the GM Cadillac flag. who is responsible for good or bad dealers? GM - pure and simple. my apologies if i stepped on your toes. not my intent at all. i love American cars, i own several - i do not own any foreign cars, except for the Allante that is a 50/50 breed. that said, i can assure you that GM is neither perfect or an angel. many of us have paid and continue to pay great deal for the occasional mistakes GM makes and refuses to acknowledge. GM's attitude is hurting GM and the American auto industry. that has nothing to do with fairness, irresponsibility and presumption. GM USA will most likely not be in biz in 20 years unless there is a huge turn in attitude. that is a fact and a very SAD trend ongoing since about 1980. you dont have to listen to my aggressive opinion, just talk to the workers losing their jobs every year. the GM Eng mentioned above, might even agree as well as several other GM employees that lurk these sites. he came to this site and others to HELP GM owners and was harshly reprimanded by GM mgt - instead he should have been given an award - IMHO. again, my apologies ...
  3. these kits are sold in ebay, also, LensRite works well. It takes off the cloudy oixidation on headlights makes them bright and clean. www.wheelslogic.com Tel. 519-661-9126 there seems to be a needed final step to re-apply a coating AFTER the job is done to protect the lens - not all kits have that as most simply give you the ability to clear up the lens. =================== i become interested on the 3M product so i went to the 3M website. although it seems great for the leading surfaces, regarding headlights, this is what i found: Q. Can Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film be used on headlights or windshields? A. No, it does not meet the Department of Transportation's standards for optical clarity. http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_U...me/For/the_Pro/
  4. the subject gentleman is not allowed to post in web-sites as condition of employment. his writing were removed from several places. i continue to quote his wisdom and place the "name withheld by request" where such applies. i still feel that the wear had to do with a defective batch that got away w/o proper heat treatment, meaning "soft surfaces" . that is no one's fault but GM for not doing quality control in a way to avoid such problems.. 99 Concours, 96k mi? does the car have excessive number of cold starts where the engine is not yet getting enough oil? car maint by the book, including dex-cool and no prior overheats? you bought the car NEW? you know that since '98, and for 96,000 miles all you say is so? my computer is saying "can't compute" what are we missing?
  5. sorry to hear the outcome is the worse case. not sure how many times the engine got a FLUSH, but the Prestome is an acidic product designed to dissolve scales from the cooling system. i never recommend that in any car younger than 1980 or even older if the coolant system has been maintained well with no scaling. problem is the chemical also takes some metal off the headgaskets and headbolts. it is too late for you but maybe others will see this and avoid. do not flush with chemical flushes, ever, unless you got a vintage car that sat for 10 years and the scales have to be removed. it is like cleaning bird poop of the paint with a knife - you will remove the bird poop alright, along with some paint. curious .. what is the estimate for the headgasket repair? thanks
  6. set up a " Private For Sale/Trade Classifieds " ?
  7. Ed, there has been some activity and interest in considering the 4100 equipped Allante for installation of either the 4500 or the 4900. we have an issue of failing solenoids on the trani of the 4500 that are only available from Allante donors, people are even buying a car to remove one trani part and part the rest of the car . we have another issue in the 4100 Allantes, want more hp. N* upgrades seem out of the question as nothing seems to fit into the early Allante frames according to the few that tried it, plus there are numerous things that GM took out of the '93 models that many of us would like to keep. it may be that the most important question after the physical fit is the emissions and smog tests in states like California it would be great if a clean swap could be done without touching the harness and its connections to the numerous black boxes the early '87 to '92 cars use to operate. the Allante crowd stands by "cant be done." what do you, Non-Allante guys, think? Yes, it has been done sucessfully. You can go from a transverse 4100 to a 4500, transverse 4100 to 4900, or a 4500 to 4900. The larger engine will need more fuel so an adjustable FPR can be used. Yes, as long as they are transverse mounted engines. Some of the 4100's were for RWD applications and that same block was mounted longitudinally in the 83-85 Eldorado/Seville so these are not interchangeable. Same answer as the last one. Hope this helps. Are you planning on installing a larger engine in your car? .
  8. dealers + headgaskets = $,$$$ the exhaust gas kit could have confirmed or ruled out the problem on day one. well, it is at the car surgeon, nothing much one can do but wait. .
  9. i swear by the GEL batteries, specially when they sit in the cabin. i switched about 4 years ago and have never looked back. i use on the cars, bike, airplane, off-road 4x4 ...
  10. humor us. list in painful detail each and every item you hace done as well as the conditions that it was done under and the details of how the overheating presents itself. the fix can be only $10 or as much as $3,000 but w/o the details we are trowing darts at the wall
  11. curing an overheating condition can be as cheap as $10 and as much as $3,000. need to provide painful details of all your observations just to get us into the ball park of diagnosis or tests.
  12. to expand a bit ... the minerals attach to the metal surfaces like they do in you faucets at home, and if enough of that happens it clogs the system. distilled water is devoid of minerals
  13. engine swaps - 4500, 4900, 4100 engines calling in anyone that knows, or had done it or has even attempted it .. regardless of car model, are the 4500, 4900, 4100 engines interchangeable? do the transmissions bolt on between the various engines? are the engine mounts on the blocks interchangeable? will the EMISSIONS packages run into trouble?
  14. we could have saved so much time here with this bit of info. i'm thinking that info was avail at the start of this thread? that shop has a smart mechanic that does the cheap and fast test first. he saved you a ton of $$$ by not spending another 6 hrs doing all the other PITA tests. once the engine fails the CO test, TESTING IS OVER ! my mistake where ever i said CO2, i dont know what i was thinking. of course it is CO, EXHAUST GASES. both CO and CO2 are found in air, but not at the concentrations needed to fail that test. What did the service manager owner do to suspect head gaskets. Did they test the coolant for combustion by products? The shop did a chemical test for combustion by products in the coolant. The test was positive for carbon monoxide (CO). This was the main reason for the engine teardown revealing a leaking head gasket. Some have mentioned testing for Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Why would you test for CO2? Isn't CO2 naturally in air and water? =============== i'm with you. the N* has got to be one of the best engines ever made in the planet, the headgasket failures are a small % of millions of engines out there in hudnreds of car models. do people here know that the N* is the only automotive engine approved by the FAA for flight? YES, IMO, it is an AWESOME design by GM. the headgasket failures have also more to do with owner error and GM's failure to strongly advice about the danger of LOW COOLANT, specially when the coolant is older. most every headgasket failure has a history of running for extended time periods with a low level of older coolant and possibly a slight overheat cuz of that. then the dex-cool starts to break down into that oxide mud. what seems odd is that not always does the Low Coolant sensor picks up on the low level. regardless, should that happen, there seems to be a consensus that the cooland, specially dex-cool can handle all that for awhile, but not for 5 or 10 years. the protection is used up every day it sits in the aluminum and should that low coolant level occur, you want full strength coolant in your system to avoid the failure. therefore the 2 year coolant change out.
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