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    1998 seville sts 4.6

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  1. Hi guys i am in the process of buying a year 2000 seville sts and the guy im buying it from has just told me that a service suspension light is comming up some times, now the mileage is 92,000 and i know they require major service at 100,000 , he says that there is no fault codes comming up can anyone tell me if this is a big problem or easy fix i also own a 1998 seville with 50,000 and have some knowledge of these cars ! limited ! i also have a full set of workshop manuals so i can look at them after i get advice from this great forum thanks again MIKE in EDINBURGH
  2. thanks jim i have not long got a set of workshop manuals from america 3 volumes, i hadnt got round to reading all of them ,thanks very much as always ,always an answer MIKE EDINBURGH
  3. I am going to buy a 2000 reg seville sts but the person who owns it has only one key and one transponder pod with the four functions on it lock, unlock petrol and boot .. my question is , i know you can get the pods but can you programme them yourself or does it have to be done in a garage with soft wear computers ect i have 1 one original pod thanks mike
  4. hi guys i live in edinburgh and i own a1998 sts 4.6 ,and i am going to buy a 2000/1 sts with the newer dash ,come tv screen has anyone had any problems with this system or is it a good system ,i think these car are fantastic one down side is parts over here are not ready available ,and exspensive ie apair of rotars $320 anyway if you have any horror stories about this new type of tv dash let me know thank MIKE EDINBURGH SCOTLAND
  5. Once again Bobby Fisher many thanks for the help Mike Edinburgh
  6. Hi guys , i have just started to do an transmision oil change on my 1998 sts , there was no drain plug so i removed the whole plate from the bottom of the gear box an drained the oil. I have 2 new filters for replacement the thing is i have read on previous postings that the oil needs to be drained out of the torque converter , is this always the case? the car has only done 50,000 miles i dont have access to any dealers as i live in Scotland , Edinburgh so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Mike. Edinburgh
  7. Thanks for your input , i would like to add after asking my friend mot tester he said that he has never seen a ruptured copper line, but had seen many burst steel rusted ones he works in a large auto shop and they fit copper to audi a8 and bmw 750 , im not sure how these compare in brake pressure to the seville but i will do some research on the web ,as i intend to keep the car for a number of years i only want to do it once correctly .its a good job they dont make the rest of the car out of the same stuff they made the brake pipes , they are totally rotten ,as the rest of the car is A1, thanks again Mike Edinburgh
  8. Hi kev 2 my friend is a Audi Bmw mechanic mot tester (ministery of transport) and copper is the most used as replacement lines and he passes them ever day ,so what is the requirement in USA ,and can you tell me why are there is braided flexi sections inserted in the brake lines thanks again Mike
  9. Hi Kev2 i forgot to say the car is a1998 seville 4.6 i have just bought this car 2 weeks ago ,the rear pipes have been changed and cooper was used ? and this was done at a garage the previous owner told me and i have it over my inspection and this is the case So is this all wrong? i am changeing the pipes because of corrision and as there is only 1 caddilac dealer and a few hundred cars in thew whole of the uk the infomation is limited, so i would greatful for any advice and options thanks Mike
  10. Hi guys i am about to replace all the brake pipes at the front up to abs controll module i have replaced many pipes on other cars, but the ones on the seville have little braided flexi sections as you come down rh side from master cylinder as the pipes near the rh drive shaft, 2 pipes have 6" braided flexi sections (stainless) the pipes carry along rh chassis leg along bellow radiator to abs module again 8" before module 2 sections of flexi can anyone tell me why the are there and can i replace them with continuous copper and leave out the flexi Thanks Mike Edinburgh
  11. In answer to Jim D as soon as i replaced the fuse the rear suspension pumped up about 6 ins ive had a reply from you a few days ago with regards to some fault codes and speed restritced to 90mph i can only pray this was the problem ? at the moment i am unable to road test due to having the car in my work shop . i would like to be able to find the cause of the fuse blowing but at the moment the battery is disconected as i was checking some connections and did not want to register any fault codes as soon as i can test the car i will post outcome thanks again Mike in Edinburgh
  12. Hi guys i have a1998 seville with some fault codes i am waiting on workshop manuals to arrive from good old USA as i am in scotland and not many avenues for help over here, anyway while waiting i was checking connections for continuity bad earts ect , first i checked the fuse box under rear seat and found a 10 amp blown it is no 32 in my fuse box with the words CVRTD as i dont have any manuals ,could you guys tell me what this stands for and controlls thanks again THANKS Mike in Edinburgh
  13. Hi i live in Edinburgh Scotland and own a seville sts 4.6 1998/9 RH drive, there is only 1 dealer for parts and thats is in England, i got a quote for a water pump £90+vat also power steering pump is £227+vat 17% im not sure about exchange for dollars but you could nearly double that so can anyone supply name and address email ect of caddy parts supplier in USA for these parts and can you give me an idea if im being charged too much for parts previously listed in UK thanks Mike
  14. Answer to Jim D after clearing codes no messages on display , ie speed limited to 90, took car for a test run was able to go over 90 (private road) suspension felt bouncy ,then speed limit kicked in and message came back on screen limited to 90 ,i am not going to carry out any work on the car untill the manuals arrive from your native country ,should be in about 10 days , and i will let you know the outcome, and if i need any help i know where to come , once again thanks to those who replyed Mike in Edinburgh
  15. Many thanks to *JIM D*, i was able to access the fault codes and reset some of them but there are still some current ones remaining and are as follows abs /c1252 /c1253 /u1255 + pcm p1611 /p1652 again any help with these codes i have ordered cadillac workshop /factory repair manuals k platform 3 set for seville sts 1998 can anyone tell me if full diagnostic fault codes would be in these manuals and also what the codes mean again thanks to all who reply Mike.
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