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  1. Just a note that there is a guy over on www.thirdgen.org that mods Delco radios with MP3/etc. jacks if your lookin' to mod your unit.
  2. Only been in the place once to get me a new Hooters t-shirt! With the bus lines running direct from the ghetto to the place and the almost daily violent and petty crimes being commited I will stay away unless I have my pistol locked and loaded! During the heavy snowfalls they usually send guys up on top to shovel it off or deflate the roof to melt it. The Carrier dome with NO air conditioning built into it! LOL! Who said educators had any brains or common sense? DUH! Forgot to say I have been to the dome many times for concerts, SU b-ball and f-ball too! The stairs are a SOB, Seats hard , Parking a PIA, and warm beer and food $pendy but cheap compared to some of the major league parks I have been to ! Seen Santana there as it was the first concert there IIRC!
  3. Still in Largo as see they are gettin again in the"lake effect snow belt". I have all the a/c service stuff at home so will charge it when i get back. On the lookout for a rust free GM pickup 4x4 but they are far and few here in rebel/tourist land.
  4. I just put anther trip from ny to fla in my 93 deville. it was loaded with grannys knicknacks too! Drove fine and the rear air suspension kept the back end level with the heavy load! the a/c needs a charge for this fla. heat! I got 25 mpg on the ride dowwn 95. Heat suree feels good instead of the NY cold n snow!
  5. Plain and simple the 92 with the 4.9 ! I would and did avoid the 4.6 when I bought my 93 Deville! As far as the lo-miles I would believe most esp. if grandpa is selling you the car. Sure a full mechanical inspection is the smartest thing to do and a Carfax to verify mileage wont hurt either! Older Caddys are hard to sell in most cases so there are many out there with few buyers. I went to Fla. to score my 93 Deville 4.9! No regret so far! Leaving today from NY to Fla. to soak up some glorious sunshine! Gonna drive the 93 too! My greedy sister is trying to sell my dads 17 XTS and wants full blown retail! She wants $23k while there are several for $19k. The dealer offered her $15k! She wines that she had NO calls! I guess those 10 Gucci purses she has picked out to buy will have to wait!
  6. Still blastin in Syracuse! Haven't swapped the switch yet. Too nasty to put the Z-28 outside to do the swap. Pic is this AM!
  7. Its usually a leak at the parking brake release for certain model, years! PVC leak hmmmmm............N-star or v-6?
  8. MOST GM cars with a/c the fan always runs! Its sorta a offshoot of the old GM Astro ventilation in the 70s GM vehicles. My 93 Caddy or my 84 Z-28s fans are always running even if the HVAC is in the off position.
  9. Even in my Buick or Caddy FSM I cant find any reference to disable the BTSI . I tried the three column mounted relays in the Buick and no dice to disable the BTSI or the power drain. I do see another relay on the Buick thats mounted to the right front bulkhead next to the power antenna relay (I had to disconnect because of a failed antenna and another power drain) but will have to tear the dash apart again to get to it! I suspect the Caddy may have a BTSI relay there also. The Caddys BTSI hasnt failed yet but it seems to be touchy at times! I have to hit the brake pedal a time or 2 to shift out of park. Its been too cold and massive snow fall to take off the hush panel and try to disconnect the BTSI relays under the dash. The FSM has a flow chart to test the BTSI tho! I do have a nice warm garage but I dont wanna put my Z-28 or GTO out in da blizzard as they are sleepin' for the winter! So repair is on the back burner for now! I know the trick how to shift out of park if it fails. Turn key, unlock column, shift to neutral, start car and done! Its 26 years old. I can deal with it cuz the car is so nice!
  10. Got to remember we are dealin' with aging electronic parts that are shaken and beat on with every use of the vehicle. Broken soder joints are most common. I still gotta tear apart my old climate control unit to eyeball a failure of the LED readouts. But it still will control the HVAC actions/doors/fan so keep it for a emergency!
  11. Right here: Ad sez plug n play! $89 bucks! FREE ship! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Engine-Computer-Programmed-Plug-Play-2002-Cadillac-Eldorado-4-6L-PCM-ECM-ECU/352571277959?fits=Year%3A2002|Model%3AEldorado|Submodel%3AESC|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A4.6L|Make%3ACadillac|Trim%3AESC+Coupe+2-Door|Engine%3A4.6L+281Cu.+In.+V8+GAS+DOHC+Naturally+Aspirated&hash=item5216e2c287:g:npQAAOSwxHlcQKGJ:rk:1:pf:0
  12. Its funny that on a GM truck forum a owner solved his clunk/groan/knock issue by drilling into his steering shaft housing. Make a hole and installed a zerk/grease fitting in the problem areas! He had detailed pics and a good write up to boot! Will try to find and post the article. Prob. a similar procedure cound be done on our Cadillacs!
  13. Needs to be lubed or the steering shaft replaced. I think your car suffers the same issue GM Trucks had in the late 90s early 2000s! Check a few Silverado/sierra forums for the shaft issues. If you own a '99-'07 fullsize GM truck, SUV or Hummer, you may have encountered the common clunking, groaning, or creaking that emanates from somewhere forward of your steering wheel. In some cases, the annoyances reveal themselves as early as about 10,000 miles. The symptoms have been described as a clunking noise under the hood that can be felt in the steering wheel, or a rattling noise from the steering column that is often present during low-speed steering actions. It may also be heard as a groaning noise when making sharp turns at low speeds. Often, the issue is a due to a bad intermediate steering shaft. The shaft moves slightly when the truck body flexes on the frame. The column is mounted to the body and the steering box is mounted to the frame. Some models were built with rubber isolators, and some were not. The stock GM steering shaft contains a splined slip joint that comes from the factory with grease in the slip portion. Over time, this grease slowly works its way to one end of the joint, and the slight play in the shaft pieces causes the noisy condition. In the past, when customers came to dealerships complaining of the steering noise, a mechanic would often remove the shaft and rapidly cycle the slip joint by hand to redistribute the grease in the splines. This would usually quiet the shaft but was often only a temporary fix. Some months later, the noise would often return. GM released a lube kit (PN 26098419) to help address the issue, and dealers or DIY'ers could repack the splines to fill the space and keep the shaft from clunking as vibration was transmitted up the shaft. The lube used in the kit was purportedly a heavy damping grease. This lube kit has since been discontinued as it was not an effective solution to the problem. Recommended videos
  14. The OE GM replacement door switch came today. Its BLASTIN' snow out there here in NY and I don't want to pull my Z-28 outside cuz the plow guy is gonna come to clear the driveway and it will be in the way. Supposed to be clear here tomorrow! I wanna measure them side by side
  15. Bugsy: where did u buy the gear and other parts? Was the gear metal or plastic?
  16. LOL! When I flew to Fla. to buy my Deville the factory cassette/am/fm the unit was dead ! Checked fuses/relay etc. ...yea dead! Went to wallyworld and bought a ghetto blaster for JAMS on the way back home to NY! NO way I am gonna cruise with no tunes! WARNING!!!! For you ffolks who wanna upgrade/swapout your older/dead unit to A newer GM/Delco stereo be warned that 03 and newer radios are VIN locked to the car they were installed in at the factory! That requires a trip to the dealer for a TECH 2 hookup to unlock $$$$ ! Same with a locked up THEFTLOC unit but they usually can be unlocked with instructions found online.
  17. I would test each terminal on the car side plug for power either ign. on or off. Heck my Delco had 3 plugs in my Caddy Chevy only had one. The Chevy had a memory/constant wire too but forgot what color. My Caddy install was plug n play on the delco unit Yer missing the memory wire in the proper place.
  18. Memory/constant should be Orange. Switched should be Yellow. Test to verify! Here is the GM car side wiring color chart: https://www.the12volt.com/installbay/stereodetail/408.html This is for a deville but eldo is prob. the same. If your car side plug is different or you need a adapter....try crutchfield.com for adapters. Your car has seperate wires for switched and memory power! I just swapped out my Deville cass. unit for a 90s Delco cd/am/fm unit it was plug n play! Now for my 84 Z-28 I had to buy a plug for the Delco unit from Crutchfield and take the wires out of the car side factory plug and wire them up to the plug for the unit. EASY EASY EASY ! First 2 pics are the Caddy and 3rd pic is the Z-28
  19. BTW: Heres a list of GM vehicles with the same pull down motor The same pull down assembly (depending on year) was used in Cadillacs, Olds, Buick cars. Here is a list for the 86-91 pull down motor assembly (thanks to Lon at top down solutions)) and which car/year usage FYI that I asked about above: Buick: 1980-93 Electra, 1985-93 Park Avenue, 1980-93 Riviera, 1992-96 Roadmaster Cadillac: 1987-93 Allante, 1980-96 Brougham, 1980-93 Eldorado, 1980-96 Fleetwood Sedan, 1985-93 Fleetwood, 1980-83 Fleetwood, 1980-93 Seville Chevrolet (Chevy): 1986-91 Camaro Chrysler: 1989-91 TC by Maserati Oldsmobile: 1988-93 98 Regency, 1986-89 Toronado Pontiac: 1986-91 Firebird, 1985-92 Grand Am So if your parts yard hunting for a hatch/trunk motor assem. you know which cars to look for. __________________
  20. Yea that guy has a metal gear replacement for the firebird headlight lift motors cuz the factory plastic gears tun to dust. Moms 96 deville in seafoam green had the pulldown and she or dad would slam it. I had to school them on how to close trunk! LOL!
  21. BUGSY............ Look here for parts http://www.top-downsolutions.com/hatch-pull-down-items you prob have the later 91-92 style in your 2002 Caddy.
  22. I ordered this genuine GM unit for $11 bucks off fleabay. (pic above) Will see how long the OE replacement lasts!
  23. Heres a genuine GM unit: $9 bucks and change with free ship! https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACDelco-D6063-Door-Jamb-Switch/323396480079?epid=193018737&hash=item4b4beeac4f:g:cXMAAOSwjsBbctaA:rk:1:pf:0
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