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  1. Drop the drives side hush panel and check the connection plugs along with all the fuses and relays and have a look.
  2. All I have to do now is install the Tropical Cadillac dealer badge and a new Cadillac script on the right side
  3. check the pAINT Corner cover slipped on with no issue. Used a air ratchet to tighten the nuts up. Color match looks great! I can see some pops and a sag in the paint but with this rainy weather!
  4. That last shot is what it looked like when i bought the car. Should of waited to post the before and after shots together. Pretty easy fix tho. Sun is out today in Syracuse for a few minutes so I should mount the piece n place to compare the color match. Its got a few pops and such in the paint finish so may sand and re-spray it.
  5. Finally painted the left bumper cover piece. Gotta sand out a few fish eyes and a sag. Darn rain! Single stage paint with a little hardner and laq. thinner PRIMED: PAINTED:
  6. Removal was pretty easy. Figured it would be easier than masking off the whole car. Scraping/blowing off the paint on the bench and some compressed air and razor blade. Hope the #8554 single stage matches. Dont wanna blend into the 1/4 panel.
  7. My 93 Deville rear bumper cover was peeling badly on the left side. I decided to remove it to strip and paint it. Removal was easy from inside the trunk and 6? 7/16 nuts to remove. Did have to remove license plate/chrome surround bezel and take out 4 speed nuts to get to a couple hidden nuts that secure the corner of the bumper cover. I used compressed air and a razor blade to remove the old peeling paint from the whole piece. It was funny looking black plastic with no primer coat and sprayed base/clear at the factory on the body. Now stripped, primed, scuffed and ready for paint.
  8. Yea now its so low the comp. dont engage. I need to know the procedure/trick to turn on compressor to suck in the 134. 93 deville. EDIT: I note the other a/c post so I will try that using the climate cont. buttons to turn on the compressor to suck it in. I have a leak detector and will put the wrench to all the fitting to see if they are secure and recharge. The PO had the system changed to r-134 a few years back. It was cold when i bought it in Dec. yea prob. has a leak and will test when dye and 134 added. I do have a homemade evacuator to clear the system BTW. Just dont know the trick to start comp. Its buried down low. Funny my 84 Z-28 the comp. is on top and i can jump the comp.to start and I can add 134. (Yea its been converted too and a leaker)
  9. Anybody know the procedure/trick to engage the a/c compressor to add r-134 to my system? The converted a/c system in my 93 Deville was ice cold when I bought it in Fla. in Dec. Now after the long winter the a/c compressor wont engage because I figure the r-134 has leaked out. I have the connectors and r-134 to add the stuff but need the compressor to turn on to suck it into the system. Whats the trick?
  10. I still havent painted that corner piece yet! Still have to pull that piece off and sand and prime it. Found the #8554 single stage on fleabay 52 bucks a pint and free ship. Its brand X paint and it will match the factory paint not to mention the pin stripe! Not worried about the stripe tho as it will just end at the seam.
  11. Check on www.thirdgen.org There is a guy there who adds jacks for bluetooth etc. on factory Delco units. He may be able to help ya.
  12. Yea Rock but as you know these harsh NY winters are tough and ya cant just whip out da hose and wash the crud and salt off yer ride. So a trip thru the local Delta Sonic and watch all those pretty lights flashin' while the crud is cleaned off and the folks who hand wipe it down it sure looks purdy when they are done! They have a deal 3 washes for $18 bucks! Usually my winter rats I dont care if the car wash marks up the paint! They usually get a 5 minute wand spray if I wanna brave the cold. The white paint dont show the swirl car wash marks. The Crimson Pearl on my 2011 or my black Impala rarely got/get the drive thru wash. Usually they get a hand wash. They usually sit along with my Goat and Z sleep for the winter or lounge in Fla. for the winter! But as you know a clean Caddy is a HAPPY Caddy!
  13. I wonder how hard it is to remove the whole Left side piece that needs the painting. Hopefully its easier than to mask off the whole car from overspray if we use the gun. Or thinkin' single stage enamel in spray cans. Local supply will put in spray cans. Figure cost is $27 a can when all said and done. Pint of single stage is $51 pint. I have air and exaust fan set up in my garage. I miss my 2011 Platinum ! (below) Gotta dig out somepics of my 72 Fleetwood 75 and post.
  14. A trip thru the car wash tore off the Cadillac script on my rear bumper cover. I searched fleabay and got a china knockoff replacement. Only cost $7 bucks and free ship. It seems pretty sturdy and well made. Has adhesive on the back so install is gonna be easy. S I am having some paint peeling on the rear bumper cover. Either gonna get a pint of # 8554 single stage enamel or a BB/CC set up. MAN! Is paint gettin $pendy! $51 bucks for a pint of single stage enamel. Wont put the script on till I paint the cover.
  15. I suppose you could send the computer to a custom tuner shop or take the car to a dealer Tech 2 and have car zapped to LD8/drive ratio etc. Hmmmmm........
  16. Just a note that there is a guy over on www.thirdgen.org that mods Delco radios with MP3/etc. jacks if your lookin' to mod your unit.
  17. Only been in the place once to get me a new Hooters t-shirt! With the bus lines running direct from the ghetto to the place and the almost daily violent and petty crimes being commited I will stay away unless I have my pistol locked and loaded! During the heavy snowfalls they usually send guys up on top to shovel it off or deflate the roof to melt it. The Carrier dome with NO air conditioning built into it! LOL! Who said educators had any brains or common sense? DUH! Forgot to say I have been to the dome many times for concerts, SU b-ball and f-ball too! The stairs are a SOB, Seats hard , Parking a PIA, and warm beer and food $pendy but cheap compared to some of the major league parks I have been to ! Seen Santana there as it was the first concert there IIRC!
  18. Still in Largo as see they are gettin again in the"lake effect snow belt". I have all the a/c service stuff at home so will charge it when i get back. On the lookout for a rust free GM pickup 4x4 but they are far and few here in rebel/tourist land.
  19. I just put anther trip from ny to fla in my 93 deville. it was loaded with grannys knicknacks too! Drove fine and the rear air suspension kept the back end level with the heavy load! the a/c needs a charge for this fla. heat! I got 25 mpg on the ride dowwn 95. Heat suree feels good instead of the NY cold n snow!
  20. Plain and simple the 92 with the 4.9 ! I would and did avoid the 4.6 when I bought my 93 Deville! As far as the lo-miles I would believe most esp. if grandpa is selling you the car. Sure a full mechanical inspection is the smartest thing to do and a Carfax to verify mileage wont hurt either! Older Caddys are hard to sell in most cases so there are many out there with few buyers. I went to Fla. to score my 93 Deville 4.9! No regret so far! Leaving today from NY to Fla. to soak up some glorious sunshine! Gonna drive the 93 too! My greedy sister is trying to sell my dads 17 XTS and wants full blown retail! She wants $23k while there are several for $19k. The dealer offered her $15k! She wines that she had NO calls! I guess those 10 Gucci purses she has picked out to buy will have to wait!
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