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  1. BTW: Gonna be the first full winter on my new rat! Fla. fresh and shiny and rust free with cold a/c to boot! Yea its got mucho heat! Poor old and trusty Buick rat engine cradle too rotted out to pass NY Inspection. So we be driving this one in the snow!
  2. Well folks it winter time again in NY and I have NO HEAT again! Hoses are hot, temp door working properly etc. So I guess it time to swap the core again! Prob. loaded with sealant tabs! Cheap aluminum replacement again! Brass and copper OE $pendy! Good thing I know the core hoses will be easier to R&R this time. Will try and get pics this time. Otherwise NO issues with the old girl except for new front pads and rotors. Brake parts for these cars are dirt cheap! R&R is a snap!
  3. I have to laugh about the numerous chipmunks i have here! They filled the trunk of my old Buick rat with the chesnuts off of the big tree in my back yard. I guess the mothballs or cat didnt work so good! I gotta do something with this old girl. She runs so good but a rotted engine cradle took her off the road. This is my new rat for blizzard season fresh from Fla.
  4. I just have a few gallons real gas in the tank with a dose of Sta-Bil and disconnect the battery. Yea as far as critters...out here in the country I use moth balls, spring traps, glue boards as well as a HUNGRY cat no matter if they are in the garage, barn or on the driveway waitin' for spring! Most will start right up!
  5. 2nd gear starts you say? Hmmm......My 93 starts in 1st as normal with unit/fuses/bulb disconnected. Diff. in years possibly? BTW: The unit in my 93 Buick rat disabled also with no 2nd gear start either.
  6. My unit has also failed on my 93. I just pulled the fuse and the dash light. Otherwise my brakes work normally and I know how to stop the "old fashioned" way too! I just replaced my front pads and rotors also. I know the pain of finding a replacement unit!
  7. WOW! So simple a repair to kill a aggravating problem!
  8. Hmmmm.......... Having this same issue with rear lights on my 03 s-10. No dash lights untill you turn on the courtesy light switch. right side signal and tail lights dim and flashes fast. Also right side license plate light lights up and dim. This just started as the right tail was out. With all the issues I figured the added polack trailer plug/wiring was messed up and caUsing the light issues. Removed Polak plug Was installed on the factory 5 wire trailer plug wiring. No cuts or butchering otherwise.................. Clean Fla. fresh no rot or rust and cold a/c BTW: Caddy running fine, no wrenching needed, a/c ice cold! Hmmmm............ Bad Ground in back?
  9. Racin" model with that chrome flash! Following!
  10. Roc........Not sure what he used to defeat the cat codes. He called it a "cheater". Whatever .......it passed the NY emission plug in. But now it has a 449? code popped up afterwards. Gotta check all the lines and the 2 "valves" to see if they are working. I was figuring the rubber hoses may be rotted off or gone just like the rubber 4wd vac. hoses were also. 3 huge skidplates to remove to get at anything under there and inspect again. There is a good vid on u-tube to test the valves operation. SES lights dont bug me anyhoo as the gauges tell the story and nice new stickers on the windsheild to keep officer friendly at bay! Rust free, cold a/c and runs great for $2000 bucks.
  11. You ever have any NY Emiss./SES lights/problems when you changed/mod the existing exaust?
  12. Following........... The only pesky thing is NY plug in "Emission Inspection" and the SES lights!! Having a issue with a s-10 I bought in Fla. and drove back to NY. Cat and tank vapor PO codes. Put a "cheater" on the converter and solved that code! Stock rustfree exaust all emission junk in place.. Now to the vapor code................
  13. Ran on starting fluid? Im thinkin' low fuel pressure and need a proper test! ADD a misfire to that..................... Multiple issues........Crank engine and check for spark on each cyl. also. NO backfire at all either on Starting fluid? Then timing mark check.
  14. Have you checked the relays that are on the right side cowl area underhood under the removable panel? Could one of those be blown and not supplying power to the compressor? Sorry cant post a pic cuz its too big.
  15. Heres a link to my Deville heater core flush and pics of the 3 way "tee":
  16. No prob.! Another thing to mention is if that 3 way "tee" is installed in-correctly you will also have weak heat. It seems one of the tee ends is restricted in some way to reduce the water flow. Check to see if your tee is the original. Look at the hose clamps. prob. if they are the new worm/screw clamps its been replaced. Did u try to flush the core? Sorry i dont have pics to post cuz i got a new laptop and they arent on it yet. Check my old heater core post for pics of my Deville install. Your Fleet may be similar!
  17. BTW: Heat should NOT blow out the dash vents only when the a/c mode is selected will air come out the dash vents. Also depending on what temp is selected and warm a/c air will blow out the dash vents. Heat/defrost mode air will only come out the defrost vent or floor. Thats the way my Deville works so your Fleet should be the same.
  18. Weak heat? I bet the heater core is clogged with the GM coolant sealer tabs. I just went thru this last year when I got my 93 Deville. I replaced the core and its clogged again! Sure, I could flush it but its 0 here in frozen NY so I will just suffer with it for the rest of the winter and either flush it or replace the heater core again! Maybe your core is behind the glove box like my Deville but not sure. I BET THAT THE problem since you checked your temp door acuator. Your car prob. uses the same 3 way "tee" restrictor instead of a actual vac. controlled valve.
  19. Hell all........ I am heading to Fla Mon. to scope out some 89-95 Chevy s-10 4x4s. Not many out there that aint all butchered up. I got my eye on a 93 Deville grampas ride family wans to dump for $900! Needs a little TLC but has 77k miles! Anyhoo......I note in all the truck ads there are covers on the steering wheels! I wonder why they crumble like that down south and how to fix! But having lived own there and GMs crummy plastics I know why! Prob. best bet to get a new steering wheel at a NY pic a part yard but the yards I have been in lately wont sell a steering wheel with a air bag? Maybe be back with a truck and another Caddy!
  20. Finished replacing the master cyl.. Bench bled it and installed it in minutes. No issues and no brake lights on dash so it done! Time to go ridin' before we get the expected lake effect blizzard starting later today in Central/northern NY and the partiers be out boozin' and crusin' and the cops be baggin' and taggin' for the new year!
  21. Finally got the new master cyl. and its gonna be almost 50 and sorta warm here in NY again today so will be installing it later today!
  22. Rock, you have a set of 4? My 72 Fleetwood 75 only had 2 and same with my 2011. My 93 has 2 but dont sound the same.
  23. Diggin found this: 1978 http://www.delcoremyhistory.com/Products/horns.htm Ever wonder why Delco calls its batteries a "Freedom Battery"? Read on that site.
  24. Anybody know the Cadillac horn notes used in the 70s to the 90s? The horn notes on my 93 Deville sound nothing like horns on my 2011 or my 72 . Anybody know the notes used on the 93 vs. the 72? Or even the various years? Missin' that old school Caddy trumpets sound on my 93!
  25. Thanks G, Shes a Florida fresh grandma car that had 91k miles and nice paint and interior. Needed tires and a heater core. Now a master cylinder. Fixes and parts dirt cheap for these squarebodies! You get your issues worked out?
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