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  1. The labels on my failed Caddy and 84 Z-28 am/fm/cass. units state they were made in Kokomo Ind.
  2. From posts elsewhere i see those years factory Delco am/fm/tape and cd even the Bose fail a lot! Funny...........My failed cass. unit was Indiana USA made! The local Delco service center near me wanted $100 just to look at it ! (United Radio in Syracuse) I bought the car in Fla. with a bad radio and bought a ghetto blaster for tunes on the trip back home to NY. I had a couple working Delco am/fm/cd units on the shelf and installed it. caddy radio.jfif
  3. WOW! What a tuff DIY job. What do you figure that job would cost at a shop?
  4. Also check this site for free instructions, pics, hints, parts: www.steeringcolumnservices.com
  5. Here is a list for the 86-91 pull down motor assembly (thanks to Lon at top down solutions)) and which car/year usage FYI that I asked about above: Buick: 1980-93 Electra, 1985-93 Park Avenue, 1980-93 Riviera, 1992-96 Roadmaster Cadillac: 1987-93 Allante, 1980-96 Brougham, 1980-93 Eldorado, 1980-96 Fleetwood Sedan, 1985-93 Fleetwood, 1980-83 Fleetwood, 1980-93 Seville Chevrolet (Chevy): 1986-91 Camaro Chrysler: 1989-91 TC by Maserati Oldsmobile: 1988-93 98 Regency, 1986-89 Toronado Pontiac: 1986-91 Firebird, 1985-92 Grand Am So if your parts yard hunting for a hatch/trunk motor assem. you know which cars to look for. __________________
  6. BTW: The pulldown motor in my 93 Deville has been disabled in the closed position. Must have been a prev. owner mod and broke. It used to kill me bell hops/valet folks SLAM the trunk lid on my Caddys or T/A ! I would say calmly "close it easy...dont slam it!"
  7. If you need parts remember most 82-92 camaro/firebirds used the same pull down motor. Check www.thirdgen.org for repair pics/etc. https://www.top-downsolutions.com/hatch-pull-down-items
  8. Check out : www.steeringcolumnservices.com All the pics/tips/parts.
  9. Prob. gonna cost sum big money to replace bulbs as the only Delco/GM repair auth. I know of is www.unitedradio.com Some of them old delco units may have bulbs that you can get to with a little disassembly. Prob. some vids on line too......... I would hunt the pic n pull for a Delco am/fm/cd used replacement. Prob. $50 bucks Plug n Play ...DIY
  10. Amen on that Rock! I got 6 cars to keep ridin' dirty on the cheap!
  11. Happy to say my $11 pic n pull BCM still workin' fine! Also my replacement glove box light plunger too! Now goofin' off in Fla. for a bit and it sure is HOT n MUGGY unlike backhome in NY!
  12. Yea its only got 29k miles, auto, cold a/c . BUT it drives crappy, no tilt or cruise...... UGH!
  13. Yea, $11 bucks and got me the glovebox lite n pushbutton, handle covers, trunk release button, a few relays and those big fuses under the hood. Got a shiny new alt. for my s-10 all for $44 bucks. FDC and CCC , chimes, etc all working. New BCM just plugged in and sittin' in glovebox hole till I am sure it works then I can re-assemble. Just glad I could disconnect the BCM wires and hook up new unit to see if it cured the problem. BTW: New/used alt. cured my s-10s intermittant no charge issues also! NOW I can head to Fla. and soak up some sun for a week or so and drive my girls POS Dodge Neon back to NY for the summer. (pray 4 me!)
  14. UPDATE: Had to go to the local pic a part yard for a glovebox light switch, grab bar covers and for $11 bucks a BCM for my Deville and a alt. for my s-10. Since I have read posts on the fuel and climate controls going dark and inop., no chimes I figured I would replace the BCM. I just left the old BCM in place, removed plugs then plugged in new unit and let it rest in glovebox hole to test. EVERYTHING works! Display, chimes etc! Will leave the new BCM that way for a couple days to make sure the problem is solved then reassemble correctly.
  15. Hey all! My 93 Deville is having a intermittent fuel center and climate control going dark. They will reappear if I shut off car, open and close door (to reset the light timer) and restart car. I note the fender guide lights also dont work along with the key and lights on chimes. Fuses ok, swapped relays and maxi fuses around also. Body Control Module dying?
  16. Its all still GM factory untouched except for the heater core hoses. No overheating. Still haven measured temps at heater core. STILL gotta hit up Harbor Freight for one of those insta. temp guns. to check. Winter rat heat cranks!
  17. Well All.......... Well I replaced the heater core again! Heat still piss poor! Temp door at stops and functions normally. And ideas? Been driving my winter rat anyway in all this slop n salt !
  18. Hey All! Finally got the new core from Rock Auto. Less than $25 bucks. Cold n snowy here in NY so I have been ridin' my truck instead of the Caddy. Man.......I miss that smooooth ride! This truck rides like a buckin bronco but that 4wd works great here in blizzard land NY! I suppose I will be swappin' that core again this week..........
  19. Well missing drivin' the Caddy and its cold n snowy here in NY. So I gotta order and swap the core again ! Good thing I have a heated garage! All new I find are aluminum anyhoo. OE cores are $pendy! Hope them sealant tabs are gone! Gotta flush the rest of system come spring. Starts right up with no issues in the cold! Miss the heated seats in my 2011 Platinum DTS. Keep warm out there!
  20. Blowin' the dust off this thread since I need another heater core and the truck needs a new thermostat and had to get a new rock auto discount code to use. 156428936143294744
  21. Logan:"My first car had left hand lug nuts on one side of the car." Was it a Mopar car?
  22. The am/fm/cass in my 93 was DOA when i bought it. I just swapped in a am/fm/cd delco unit i had on the shelf. Saved a lot of hassle and $pendy repair of the old unit.
  23. Can only get to the "in" hose to check temp. The "out" hose is hidden either between the fender/firewall or by removing the RF tire and splash shield to get at it! Sheesh! Might just as well as swap out the core! No complaints tho. cuz I have replaced harder ones!
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