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  1. Rock................Nice car but $10k nice?

    I see a couple of them in Tampa area.

    Some have sunburn and parking lot scars for $6k asking.

    Needing some TLC too..........

    Is it a dealer?

    SCREW gas prices..........

    Brandon just released all that oil to benefit us!  Refiners make Millions!

    WE pay 5 cents a gallon less!

    I save my gas money to RIDE!

    Mmmmm Black Fleetwood.............

  2. Success!

    Replacing the Body Control Module didnt work.


    Manual states that orange/black stripe wire from BCM to the Climate CC and Fuel FDC

    should have 16 V at the FDC.  

    Wire showed less than 5V  at the FDC.  Should of read 16v as the manual states.

    Unplug both CCC and FDC and the wire shows 16v again.

    Plug IN the FDC and the orange black stripe wire shows 16v.

    NOW plug in the CCC and both guages go dark and the wire shows 5v again.


    Well I guess the FDC unit has failed again!


    AGAIN:  The $10 bucks I spent on the GM service manual was worth it!



    So I gotta look for another FDC controller!

    I DID install the $75 reman BCM cuz I cant return it.







  3. DAM!

    Think my $11 pic a part BCM has failed again!

    Fuel and climate displays are dark and no HVAC operation.

    I still have my old BCM and even tho the displays are dark the functions still work.

    So gonna pull the glovebox and plug in the old BCM and see if HVAC functions work

    and if so its off to the local PIP yard for another $11 BCM !

    Maybe I should of bought the $75 reman BCM back then?

    The local PIC yard has 4 baby lacs so another BCM wont be hard to get.

    Its been 90+ daily here near Syracuse so need that cold breeze when ridin' dirty!

    My s-10 still has cold a/c so Im riding cool............

    No fun drivin' her Neon car...........




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