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  1. Not much you can do at this point. As long as it rides good and no other issues I wouldnt bother with it. You have a pic as the car sits now?
  2. I have read about engine runaway warning in the GM truck forums when you disconnect the vac. line on the FPR so I figured it would apply to any other GM engine. Just a thought...........
  3. Left side DONE! All guages, chimes, lights, HVAC ops. work! PHEW!.............Need a couple cold ones now!
  4. Got the right side assembled! Takin a smoke and patience break! ............
  5. DO NOT pull vac. hose off FPR while running! Will cause engine RUNAWAY ! Only pull off vac. hose after running to check for raw fuel in vac line.
  6. Well I drove to Rochester and got the used CCC and plugged it it. BCM cost $45 IT WORKS! FDC and CCC all lit up and working! Rain today so have the car in garage so I can put the dash back together.
  7. Yea, There are plenty of them around used. Gotta head to a yard in Rochester to get one. Then I can put the dash back together. The tech who traced it out tore the dash to pieces!
  8. Anybody have a spare CCC on the bench they wanna sell? Let me know............
  9. I need a CCC for a 93 Deville. 89-93 will work. None in local yards.
  10. Success! Replacing the Body Control Module didnt work. Manual states that orange/black stripe wire from BCM to the Climate CC and Fuel FDC should have 16 V at the FDC. Wire showed less than 5V at the FDC. Should of read 16v as the manual states. Unplug both CCC and FDC and the wire shows 16v again. Plug IN the FDC and the orange black stripe wire shows 16v. NOW plug in the CCC and both guages go dark and the wire shows 5v again. Well I guess the FDC unit has failed again! AGAIN: The $10 bucks I spent on the GM service manual was worth it! So I gotta look for another FDC controller! I DID install the $75 reman BCM cuz I cant return it.
  11. Back home and recd. the reman BCM. Swapped the chip. Plugged into car............ NO fuel or climate controls still! Gotta run the flo chart from serv. manual. \Any ideas?
  12. Still in Fla. after my awful trip in the girls POS Omni ! Having a complaining passenger and no cruise control sure sucked! Sure miss my smoooth ridin' Caddy on long trips! My buds back home rescued my new BCM from laying in the front yard where Fed X left it! Good thing I live in da country! Gettin on the plane Monday for home. Then I can install my new BCM.
  13. I am heading to Tampa tomorrow and got a couple Allantes lined up to look at! Dirt cheap cold a/c 4.5 or 4.9s too! $2500 bucks
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