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  1. sonjaab


    They are out there! Seen several on line/fleabay/etc. along with a few universal units. Check Dorman products as they have similar looking universal units. Heres what the GM OE looks like:
  2. Gonna try and flush out the old core in my slop sink and see whats plugging it up.
  3. BTW: The antifreeze in the car is yellow. Any idea what brand it is? Or can I mix in some green in it to fill. Its not Dex-Cool!
  4. Well finally replaced the heater core! Yes, the hoses were a PIA to remove and install on new core. Took a few hours of screwing around to complete the install. Got the new core from Rock Auto for less than $30 bucks. New core was aluminum as the GM factory core was brass? with plastic tanks. Finally got excellent heat ! Sorry no pics.................
  5. I guess Im gonna have to swap out the heater core. Heat still weak and I suppose if Im gonna have to flush it I might as well swap the core out. Any pointers?
  6. If you need to flush your heater core here is some pics I got to do my 93 Deville 4.9. Other engines should be the same. thanks to Dennis93coupe for pics!
  7. NO dropping the column! Pried on the bottom of the little plastic piece under the steering column it flipped up and released. Took out the two hidden screws and it came off. Swapped the climate control out and the replacement was plug n play and works fine. My FSM still ain't come yet!
  8. SUCCESS! With a hint on how to remove the small piece/bezel below the steering column a member Mcmarto on another forum I was able to remove the small piece and find the two hidden screws and remove the entire panel/bezel and replace the climate control unit. All functions work and I have a full display! I bet my FSM will arrive tomorrow! LOL!
  9. SUCCESS ! With a hint on how to find the hidden screws holding the bottom of the dash panel/bezel from MCmarto on another forum on how to remove the small wood grain piece below the steering column and find the 2 hidden screws and release the panel/bezel piece. You just pry up from the bottom of the piece to release the clips. I replaced the climate control unit and now have a temp. display and full functions! Reassembled dash and happy as a clam! My Factory service manual will prob. arrive tomorrow! LOL! Thanks to all for your help! BTW heat still weak yet my thermometer sez 80 degrees coming out of the vents! Sure dont feel like 80!
  10. Actual pic of core behind cove too large to post here.
  11. Yes, the blend door operates freely when unhooked from the accuator. Cold air at one stop and warm at the other. So I figure screw it and Im gonna replace the heater core. Its easy to get to and remove. The only PIA is the hoses. Only $28 bucks shipped from rock auto.
  12. Just lukewarm heat all the time. Burped the cooling system to make sure no air pockets too. Gonna have to either flush the core or replace it. Still gotta swap out the climate control unit. Waitin for my FSM so I can figure out how to remove the face panel aka bezel over the cruise control and fuel center.
  13. Well since the accuator and temp door is operating properly I guess the next step is a heater core flush. I figure a female hose end plugged into the heater core lines and hooked to the water hose will do the trick to flush the core. Since I will be doing it in the garage having a couple of buckets handy and a extra piece of hose so I wont have a skating rink on the floor. The two hoses on the right side of the pic are the core hoses.
  14. Finally resized the pic of what Im posting about and lookin at. Took off metal rod for blend door and it moves freely and moves stop to stop. Im thinkin plugged heater core.