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  1. I offer pillar post trim for your vehicle. I make them with small logos, about the size of a quarter, or we will do them plain. Photos are Deville but you get the idea. Please e-mail me for further info.
  2. Adding the OEM color to wheel centers looks super but it's fairly involved. It would be just about impossible to find someone to produce the small rectancgles of color to inlay on the cap. Then if you actually had those pieces, to install them onto the wheel centers would be a worse chore than assembling kid's toys on Christmas Eve. Another way to add the color, paint pens used for models, would also be miserable. The aftermarket will normally generate wheel centers for the huge number of OEM wheels that get chromed. Normally, these centers have no logos due to licensing. So if the wheel centers are available for this wheel, they would be in chrome. You would then have to strip the chrome to achieve a paintable surface, take them to the alloy silver to match and find wreaths and crests that will fit--as long as the surface is flat enough to mount the emblems. It is not impossible, but not as easy or inexpensive as it sounds. Hope this info helps.