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  1. Hey Jan
    I have a friend in his 80s with a 81 Eldorado Barritz his mechanic swapped out the computer loosing the memcal chips any chance you might know where I can help him find either the memcals or a salvage computer?

    1. Jan Olsson

      Jan Olsson

      Hi Dave!

      It is rare that a computer fails in a Cadillac and I have never personally had to replace one. I would say that a computer is one of the very few objects that I would buy from a salvage yard just because they never seem to fail but I guess that they a hard to come by since the car is fourty years old.

      Other sources/solutions would be:

      1) have the mechanic to replace the computer at no additional cost, they messed it up...

      2) Ebay, Amazon etc. Google it. I suggest that you find out what engine option the Eldo have to be sure to find the right part. I found this info: Problem with 1981 Eldorado ECM and PROMS (cadillaclasalleclub.org)

    2. Dave42


      Thanks Jan

      One of the guys I build motors for found a complete ECM out of an 81 Eldo in Miami junkyard.

      I am unsure if it had the 4-6-8 delete conversion done but at least it has a memcal and prom in it.

      They are going to plug it in and try it.

      I will update on success or what I have to do to emulate the 4-6-8 function so he can drive 

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