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  1. I feel your pain..my 02 Deville has shaken every since I have had it, bought as program car. Seems worse when car is pulling. Can't tell you the number of times have had it aligned, balanced, new tires, etc etc. Have not tried road balance yet as tires at end of life and wife drives car, and doesn't complain, lol. Yesterday had car in for tuneup and brake check (previous GM rotors defective and replaced at 6000 mi) as getting rotor shimmy again wiht 17000 mi on rotors..and I was told my tie rod ends are loose and need replaced. Then another call saying can't get it aligned, and need to 'grind strut down' to get it fixed, as now if they align the front, the rear is out and vice versa? Very interested to see if this fixes the problem, although I will be very disillusioned if loose tie rod ends have been causing this problem since 25000 mi and no other mechanics noticed it.. Used to fly/commute with engineers from Firestone, they said plants get best tires, also when the plants install tires on new cars, there is a balance mark on rim and tire, and they match those up for that new car ride. But haven't found a tire shop yet that knows about that. On another note, had a Dodge 4WD pickup once that shimmied intermittently, it was finally determined to be the drive shaft out of balance..dealer weighted shaft, it helped some. Wondering if something like this is problem on this car..have checked motor mounts etc, as had that problem once on another car.
  2. So you might ask them where a convenient location to you is.
  3. Two cents beats $1200 all to heck. Only thing I notice is there may be a little more noise than usual..I have turned the radio up so it is hard to judge.. Thanks for all the help.
  4. my 02 was stalling and the forum said try replacing crankshaft sensors..and worked like a charm.
  5. The SES light came on a few weeks ago on 02 deville w/ 94000 mi ; the Cadillac garage told us a sensor in the transmission was stuck in the off position, and to replace it, the transmission would have to be pulled and opened to get to the the sensor, to the tune of $1200 (as near I can remember, it was kinda traumatizing). We opted for flushing the system as 'sometimes it will dissolve sludge and it will work'--$194 which did not work, light came back on the 3rd time it was started after the flush. The service record states 'found code P0741 and P1860 TCC circuit. Performed trans service and manually used TCC solenoid'. So, is this a big deal? Everything seems to be working fine except for the ses light. Could this be from water damage? So far we have replaced the crank sensors after car stalled at 70 mph (thanks guys for helping on that on, garage was stumped); had to replace wheel speed sensor, ABS wiring harness and hub bearing; before that, bad connection at wheel speed sensor; check engine light was on and had open wire at purge solenoid; had AC hose replaced and system recharged;replaced evaporator cannister purge solenoid; had the PCM recall attended to; have had 3 sets of rotors (last set was defective after 9000 miles) and 4 alignments since purchased at 22000 mi. Also had some other work done after wife hit a road alligator...no further comments on that one. It was a rental car in FL prior to purchase, there was flooding there during that time, but CARFAX was clean. Car was been driven intermittently, all freeway, until 82000 mi, that is when the 94 Concours developed problems with the ABS modulator and was sidelined as the work car..
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