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  1. I had an 89 deville that would do the same thing, battery was fine it was my starter. B1327-Vehicle system voltage below 9.0 volts B1983-Device Power Circuit Low I don't know about the codes, but I might check your starter. When ever I need to go somewhere I would have to be jumped, the extra power helped the starter I guess. However the caddy I had at the time was 10yrs older then yours. Hope this helps some -Joey
  2. So I changed my sparkplugs about a week ago, and I know I put everything back together right...but now my car sounds louder. I don't mind it, I just want to make sure there is nothing wroing. and sometimes when I start her I can smell some exhaust. I am new to doing work on my own car. I enjoy it so much I am looking to see if I could go to a tech school part time so I could do most all the work myself (and perhaps make some extra money on the side). P.S. Does any one have and/or recomend CORSA PERFORMANCE EXHAUST SYSTEMS? would I also have to replace the catalytic converter -Joey
  3. ok, just didn't want to make sure nothing was wrong. some days I think I am about to go flying.
  4. Ok, every time I start my car (cold) she sounds like an airplane taking off. she revs at about 1200 rpms, then slows down to about 1000rpms. is this normal?
  5. so is this just an issue with the sevilles? I was going through my car history, and the pervious owner had some work done. it says the replaced the the lower steering shaft, lubed it, rplaced a bearing and retainer. not knowing if any of that would have to do with anything.
  6. Well it is mainly on the highway. The studs are new on hub, and everything around the hub looks good. Some of the stuff you guys suggested is a little over my head. I just don't want to take it to the dealership for it.
  7. So, new tires, new hubs, alignment, and she still shakes. My struts are good, my wheels aren't bent. What else could it be? And could I fix it? Thanks guys. -Joey
  8. I used something by blue coral or something, followed by 2000grit sand paper like it said, but it seems to have made it worse. if you have to take the whole thing aprt, how do you disconect the HID bulb?
  9. Thanks guys for your help. I will work on it this weekend, and let you know how it turns out.
  10. Ok, need to save some money, or not. My spark plugs need changing, but I don’t have the wires, I have the coils that sit on boots, then spark plug. I have a Haynes manual, which I get the just of it. Does any one have any advice to help me with this? Is it hard to do (epically the rear four)? Any help would be appreciated. -Joey
  11. AHHHHHHHH! I spent 40 bucks today on a Bosch filter. I wanted to see if it would make the AC blow any better. I got the 3 out with no problems, (air blows hard now) and let me tell you I think they were in there from 01. I have never seen something so nasty, mold and all was growing on it (I live in the south). I tried for about an hour and a half, and couldn't get them back in. I think I will have the dealer put them in. I am sure I could have figured it out, but hey I will never do try that one again.
  12. My 01 STS is Cadina. Can't think of a name for my deville. she doesn't have as much personality as my STS.
  13. do you have the oem goodyears? mine did and it stopped when I had new tires put on.
  14. This is great information! my tires are all messed up, and I wanted to know how to fix it!
  15. I need to do this to my 01 sts. Will it be the same as yours Kobalt? how long did it take? My dealership told me mine were bad, how can I check, and what would happen if I didn't replace mine?
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