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  1. One end of the tape wraps around an anchor on the motor The other end attaches to a guide which slips in the channel at the bottom of the glass The motor moves the tape in and out, causing the guide to raise and lower while sliding in the channel. The anchor stops the glass from going down too far.
  2. I've got an '85 Deville, and a couple of spring-loaded switches on some electronics "stick" from time to time. For example, the console light between the visors has two different plastic buttons (one for driver light, one for passenger), and they will often stick when they are pressed down, and I'll have to get a screwdriver or paperclip to pop them loose. Is there a silicon lubricant or something that will work for this stuff? I will need to use a syringe and needle to get the lube up in there. Replacements of the right color seem to be impossible to find... Also my parking break indicator switch gets stuck sometimes too but I can probably find a replacement for that. Thanks!
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