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  1. Thanks Jim, What would be the part number for the VCIM module for a 2010 or 2011. Would the dealer have to program the module or not?
  2. Hello, I have a 2008 STS without Nav. I would like to have anyone tell me what are the bluetooth options to add bluetooth. I have searched and most of the information is for the CTS. If someone has added this how did you do it. Thanks Bobby
  3. The Factory Service Manual simply says to remove and replace it. No mention is made about programming it. Regards, Warren Thanks Warren, I have the FSM and I to didn't see anywere it said it needed to be programed. The reason I ask is I had the local Cadillac dealer check it and he said a new one would have to be programed. They didn't have one in stock so I was going to order one on the Internet to save some cash. They wanted over $400 to replace it. This all started after I replaced my battery. The POS post just broke off. I have taked to other people in the trade and they said DECO batteries are the worst ones for this. The post will start leaking and then break off. So that is something everyone needs to check. After replacing the battery none of the windows would go up or down. After lots of checking the voltages and grounds took it to the dealer. It said the PS and rear windows should work if it was the Driver Side Door Module. After hours of him trouble shooting it said it was the DSDM. It used one from someplace to check for sure. He said some engineer will have to explane that one for it sould not affect the other doors when you use the switch on the PS or Rear doors. Bobby
  4. I have a bad DSDM Part #25735400 1998 STS. If I buy a new module on-line does it need to be programed by the dealer? I would think it should be programed already.
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