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  1. Under the chrome door handle there is a plastic cover. Pry it off with a small screwdriver and it will reveal a phillips head screw. Remove it. If you look close at the door lock knob you will see a square cover - pry it open with a small screwdriver. Remove the knob. The edges of the door panel are secured with push-in retainers. You need to pry them out. Some may break but they're tough to remove without damage. The toughest retainers to remove are those directly behind the armrest. If you lift up on the panel and pull out it should come off. If you need to get at the door lock assembly or the window motor you will also need to remove the water shield. To do that use a phillips-head screwdriver to punch in the centers of the retainers - this will release them and they are re-usable. When re-assembling make sure you have the wiring harness plugged in, the door control module installed and plugged in and the door lock stem poking up through the door panel. Good luck! Jim
  2. The 2000+ Northstars don't require premium fuel. My DTS runs just fine on regular. I have a Corsa exhaust system on it - they claim 20 HP to the wheels on a dyno. It sounds VERY mean and looks nice, too. Jim
  3. The cars are pre-wired for the Night Vision, however finding a camera is like finding a needle in a haystack. They are worth thousands of $$. My car was originally equipped with Night Vision and when the camera failed the original owner found it was cheaper to remove the camera and replace the grille with a non-NV body-colored one. Converting a non-NV car to a NV car isn't worth the hassle. In addition to the dash pad, the defroster ducts are different to divert the air around the heads-up display. Jim
  4. Great Information on installing elements. I am doing the back of drivers seat now on DHS. Your photos were a big help. The dealer tells me when you install the new elements you need to replace the heated seat module. They say the OE module will not handle the new element. They are giving me a part # 25737276 @$141.46. Do you have any information on the module? Thanks Mack You don't need to replace the module when replacing the element. The TSB does not specify this, plus I was able to replace all of my elements and retain the original modules. Jim
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