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  1. My '92 De Ville alarm decided to sound off at 2am...after resetting it.. again at about 3am! a few nights later, ditto. I can bounce the car, yank the door handles, etc... will not set it off. It ONLY goes off if I have a window down and open the door using the inside handle. So why is it sounding off in the middle of the night? It did rain.. and the temp dropped several degrees, but that has happened before many times with the alarm going off. any hints? are there any switches under the hood? What is the strange plastic part at the center rear of the hood- mine wobbles until the hood is shut. Could this be a switch? or just the source of several squeaks that seem to come from the hood ?
  2. check the amp rating on the alternator.. it is usually stamped on the alt. frame. then check a parts house to see if they have a higher rated one available.. with the same pulley size.. some GM's have higer rated alternators, but the pulleys are a different size... requiring you to change belts to match..
  3. usually, speedo needle bouncing, etc.. is in the cable... age + not being lubed, makes them bind. the elctronic dash should fix the odometer issue.. ifthe feed to the electronic dash is electronic.. then your speed variance will go away.. if it uses a cable also, then you need a new cable..
  4. I had similar problem on a 1992 Deville.. throttle position sensor and another throttle related problem.. fixed it with new parts.. the TPS gets worn from constant use in the same 'range' and has to be replaced. also, O2 sensors can be a problem. I got no codes on the TPS-- the o2 generated a code.
  5. 1992 Deville ( 4.9).. avg 16.0 in the city... 22 on hwy.. avg 17.0 lately.. BUT... since the recent hurricane, we have been getting REAL gasoline.. no alcohol or botique blends.. avg mileage jumped .5 mpg and hwy cruise went up 3 mpg. ! Hmm... EPA wants us to get better mileage and wants Detroit to make cars that get better mileage? TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE IN THE GAS... but I'm old and grumpy....
  6. - i've replaced motors, and had the shop lubricate the regulators.. and the windows STILL squeak and squall when they go up (front ones- both).. not so bad when it has been raining. so I tried lubing the rubber seals on teh door.. nope.. the last two times I tried spraying anything into the tracks, my door locks went nuts and ran down the battery.. so.. spraying anything liquid into the doors is not high on my list. I know that there are some adjustments for the windows to track properly- might this be the issue? The original owner complained of wind noise and the dealership 'fixed it'... acording to the maintenance records that I have.. any ideas?
  7. ? My undersanding is that computer controlled cars, especially the OBDII ones, can adjust for the octane of the fuel. Yes, you lose some HP and a dip in the MPG, but it is still a better $ value. My '92 DeVille doesnt have a knock sensor, so.. I'm out of luck there, but I purchase an 'octane booster' from O'Reilly, when it is on sale for $1.00 a bottle.. the bottle treats the 18 gal tank.. NO pinging or problems, unless I add the booster to every fill up ( i fill up at 1/2 tank to lessen the $$ shock).. you can get too much booster ( whether it is the expensive stuff or the house brand).. if 1 bottle/tank is good... 2 bottles is not better. I'm back to 1 bottle every other fill up (8-10 gal for an 18 gal tank) any opinions on this practice? OBTW... I was told that adding 1 gallon of premium to a tank of 87 octane would 'make it into premium grade'.. my math doesnt compute that, but it sounds fishy. anyone heard of that practice?
  8. tried again.. got different results, stil not per the instructions.. after the segment check.. got E44,E98,E70... no "C" or "H" .. and the codes were not in numerical sequence, as per the instructions. pressing the HI or LO buttons seemed to get me the overirides again... I'll take it to the shop... thanks
  9. For men?... Old Spice.. AFTER SHAVE.. seldom ever use coogne anymore , too many people have adverse reactions to it. with Old spice after shave, I never had a complaint, even from the 'allergic' folks... even had a few compliments.(at my age, too!!) for the ladies.. I still like Heaven Scent (yeah, it's really OLD..) but cologne is for covering up a problem ..for men.. for the ladies JUDICIOUS use is required.. just a tiny drop in the proper places (pulse areas).. I have had to exit more than a few elevators because someone had to "bathe" in their favorite scent. seems some folks mistakenly think that if they cant smell it, they need to reapply!!.. au contraire, mon ami!! YOUR nose gets used to it and no longer smells it.. WE have to endure you painting on another layer after layer..
  10. I would leave ArmorAll for the tires.. I've seen it do wonders for tires.. a 5 year old set of tires that ArmorAll was used on the OUTSIDE ofthe tires.. and they looked GREAT.. the inside, of course, showed their age and cracks, etc.
  11. I recently had my 92 Deville serviced, flushed Colling system, serviced tranny, replaced the brakes, etc. My gas mileage immediately dropped by 3+mpg!.. and soon, I got the servie Engine soon lite on!.. I accessed the DTC but the error codes dont match up with the instructions I got from the forum my tests are listed as P01, P02....P1.2, P1.4, ...P2.0... and and error# xxx P01=64 P02=102 P03=1.01 P04 91,90,9.5,8.9 P05= 91, 89 P06= 2.3 P07=0 P08=0 P09=0 P1.2=0 P1.4=45 P1.6=0 P1.8=128 P2.0=128 P2.1= 20 P2.211 P2.3=00 P2.4=5 P2.5=500) the list I have for these OBDI codes doesnt match the list I printed ( by Anthony W. Haukap) any help out there? before I spend more $$ at the shop? FATBOY46
  12. consider adding a ground from the alternator to the frame. Cheap insurance to maintain a solid ground.
  13. If there is a vac switch/control valve in the heater hose.. and that has failed, you wont get heat. Similarly, in the summer if the valve failed open.. you get all your A/C warmed up....
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