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  1. No current codes, I've only ever had history codes from the DIC code reader. The codes from the first scan were: IPC U1000 - Class 2 Communication Malfunction IRC U1016 - Loss of Communications with PCM IRC U1129 - Loss of Communications with AMP PCM P1634 - Ignition 1 Switch Circuit RIM U1255 - Class 2 Communication Malfunction (Serial Data Line Malfunction) TTM U1016 - Loss of Communications with PCM
  2. I get the u1000 code every time. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others. I've had about 50 different codes over the last couple weeks - all history, not current. There are several possibilities and one of them is the Pass-Key. Without knowing the codes, you are shooting in the dark. A clue could / should be represented by a "B" code. The code you are chasing will go to history when the affected system passes the OBD test as indicated by the car starting and running as if nothing is wrong. Run the codes immediately when you have your syptoms. The only consistent code is the U1000. I did take it to the shop where we plugged in the Snap On scanner. The built in code reader won't work when I have the symptoms - I also can't see the information like MPG and Temp. The Air Bag light is also on and it usually says low fuel(it's not). One thing the mechanic mentioned is that the Snap On tool said there were a lot of bullitens about flashing the PCM. I'm now leaning towards the Service Air Bag and Low fuel messages being the main symptoms of the problem. Perhaps there is a module or a relay it's attached to? Thanks
  3. I get the u1000 code every time. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others. I've had about 50 different codes over the last couple weeks - all history, not current.
  4. All the fuses were tested and the contacts were cleaned on the battery and at the relay in the back seat. The voltage to the front fuse box is good and so is the voltage to the one in the back seat. The car still won't start right away. When I turn the key, nothing happens. After I wait a bit, I sometimes hear the fuel pump go, then it will start. Could the modules in the front fuse boxes have anything to do with it? Nothing more embarrasing than driving a nice car that won't start. My mechanic looked at it for 3 hours today and didn't make any real headway. (I've changed the battery and upper & lower crank shaft sensors) Any other ideas? Thanks, David
  5. That was my first thought. I took out the battery, and when I disconnected it, I broke the post and had to replace the battery. When I unbolted the positive terminal, the whole metal part of the battery came off with it. I replaced the battery and checked that all was fine. Thanks, David
  6. Hello All, I have a problem: When the key is turned to on, sometimes the car's lights(dash and exterior and maybe interior) flash off and on for 2 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the occurance. The lights flash very quickly and I can hear 2 switches going on and off - I took out the back seat so I could hear a little better. If the check engine light DOES NOT come on, when I turn the ignition on/start, nothing happens. sometimes when the ignition is on (not started) the dash will go off and then go through the same cycle as if I turned the key off then on. If the check engine light does not come on, it says service air bag. Every now and then it says low fuel (it's not) I went through the codes and have the U1000 (Class 2 Comm malfunction) come up every time after I reset. Sometimes it's the only code, sometimes there is a second or third. P1634 (Ignition 1 switch circuit) has come up a couple times. After I start, I take it for a spin and there are no codes while I drive and it drives as smooth as ever. Not until I try and start again do codes come up. If the service airbag message comes up, I can't get into the built in OBD. I need to wait until the check engine light is on or the car is running. I replaced the 2 crank sensors and it didn't fix the problem. Sometimes I get in the car and it goes right away - other times I turn it off and on for 10 minutes waiting for it. If it doesn't start, the starter doesn't engage, so it seems like an electronic problem of some sort. Any help would really be appreciated, David