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  1. HI folks, I'm new and have received a 1990 Deville from my Dad's Estate. Actually, it was orginally a DEA car , so of course the arm rests are totally messed up because they had taperecorders inside to record some bad guys. Enough about that. I must have some sort of bad karma, because although my motor head brother went through everything on the car and the engine looks beautiful, I have been having major Electrical Issues. For awhile, the car just would not start. I would charge it and then a day later it was dead. found that the pos conx bolt to batter was corroded. replaced it. Charged it. Got 13.something on volt meter. Started and ran great for five days. Today, Engine Repair light came on. Would not go off. Was hard to start and I had to keep the accelerator down to turn it over. I had to keep accelerator to the floor so it wouldn't die. I checked the codes. This is what they read and in the order they came out. 888.88 . .E E-26 E-52 .70 Checked the voltage and it reads 12.65 I checked the codes on these and if I'm correct the E-26 Shorted throttle switch signal E-52 PCM Memory Reset So do I have to find a wiring diagram to rewire the throttle switch or ??? What does the PCM Memory Reset mean? I tried googling it, but lately google is not my friend! I would appreciate any electrical person giving me a head's up on what I need to do next. Thanks in Advance, GAC
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