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  1. Hi everyone! I am wondering if i can put 15" rims on my STS 1995? Its 16" original! Will they fit or will the brake calipers be in the way? Roger
  2. Feedback! I was the battery who had failed...i have not had any problems with starting the car since i changed the battery and it starts after 2-3 days sitting still! Roger
  3. I took the car to a real GM workshop today and they measured the battery also..and they told me that it was going bad! So i bought a new one today with european poles and installed it, so i had to use other batterycables then those who are installed! Lets hope that this solved the problem! Thanks for your help so far!
  4. Hi KHE! No,it doesnt! I measured the battery today with the negative cable off using a multimeter and there is a small draw of 0,01 Ampere when everything is off and when i have waited 10 min after shutting the car off! Is that normal with a permantly draw of 0,01 Ampere? I got the battery tested today by an Bosch car service garage and they said that the battery was ok??
  5. I will get the battery tested today! I forgot to mention in my first post but there is no current codes when i checked!
  6. I will get the battery tested next week...but if it isnt the battery that are bad there must be something that dries it out! Have anyone had a similar problem with something electrical that are drying the battery over night? I know about another member who had problem with the trunk pull down unit that dried out the battery on his car, but i have disabled the trunk pull down unit on my car so it locks manually instead!
  7. That thought have striked me too...but the battery was wery expensive and are of a known quality brand! But i will get it tested just in case!
  8. Hello guys! I have a problem with my STS 95 that maybe you can help me with! Last monday when i got out to the car and tried to start it there was no power at all..checked the battery with a multimeter and it had only 0,3 volt on it! Called a friend who came with a Volvo 945 and we jumpstarted the STS, the battery are only 1,5 years old and all the contacts are greased in and tightened correctly! I have a batteryswitch installed on the battery and i have turned this off everytime i dont use the car...so there is something that are drying out the battery permantly! The alternator loads correctly...around 14,3-14,4 volts! This week i plugged in the multimeter over the poles on the battery and measured the voltage while i disconnected every fuse one by one to see if the voltage change! But the voltage was at 12,7 volt the whole time i checked! So it doesnt seem to be anything who is dragging power from the battery! I checked the batterycables from the positive pole on the battery and they are intact as far as i can see! Any ideas what it could be?
  9. Jag hade nästan gett upp det här med dragkrok. Jag har fått nobben från flera ställen. Tack Roger för ditt tips. Jag lyckades också under tiden få ytterligare ett napp. Från denna adress <staffanbeck@gmail.com> fick jag också ett positivt svar. Priset är 9.500 kr monterad och klar. Får man fråga vad du har betalat? Hansa Med betald moms och levererad i Sverige blev priset cirka 2300 SEK, sen tillkommer kostnad för montering men jag gjorde allt själv! Jag återkommer till det här med dragkrok. Den kontakt jag hade visade sig bara kunna montera en icke avtagbar dragkrok. Nu vill jag ju gärna ha en avtagbar och därför undrar jag hur det är med den du köpte . Hansa Hej! Den jag monterade är avtagbar, bifogar länk: http://www.hitchsource.com/cadillac-seville-cadillac-eldorado-trailer-hitch-class-ii-p-29445.html
  10. Jag hade nästan gett upp det här med dragkrok. Jag har fått nobben från flera ställen. Tack Roger för ditt tips. Jag lyckades också under tiden få ytterligare ett napp. Från denna adress <staffanbeck@gmail.com> fick jag också ett positivt svar. Priset är 9.500 kr monterad och klar. Får man fråga vad du har betalat? Hansa Med betald moms och levererad i Sverige blev priset cirka 2300 SEK, sen tillkommer kostnad för montering men jag gjorde allt själv!
  11. Gå in på wwww.drawtite.com, där finns till din bil! Jag köpte min därifrån men du måste montera på en ISO stämplad kula (Swedol)! Samt tillverka en egen hållare för kopplingsdosan till lyset!
  12. Update! Today i replaced the starter relay and i hope that was the problem! The car has started every day for nearly 2 weeks but yesterday when it was -12 degrees celsius outside the same thing happend! No crank... But today saturday it was +2 degrees celsius outside and it fired right up! For those who dont know where the relay are located its under the plastic rocker channel on the left drivers side..remowe the plastic cover and under there you have a bunch of electric cables that goes from the backseat to the front! The relay are under these cables towards the front! Partno: 12193601 ac delco The old relay was a bit wet and i think that moisture had made it non functional when it was cold outside! But now its a new relay there and i taped it good so it stayes tight! Thank you hjb981 for the tip!
  13. Ordered AC Delco 158719 starter relay today from Rock-auto...fits Cadillac 1993-2011 according to info! Also ordered 2 hood lift support for the hood...mine are getting tired! According to Haynes the starter relay are located in the fusebox next to engine but i saw on a eldorado 1992 that its located in the wall in front of the drivers door...is it same on seville 1995?
  14. Ac Delco D1786C are named Cadillac Starter Relay 1994-2010 OEM! I will check with Rock-Auto by mail! Roger
  15. Thank you hjb981! Its probably best to replace this relay just in case! Do you have a part-number and where are this relay located in the car? Its a STS 95! I checked Rock-Auto but i couldnt find the "starter relay" Thank you! Texas Jim: Sorry for the spelling...its copper not cobber:)
  16. UPDATE! Problem solved! I cleaned the terminals once again today and used original battery grease...not cobber paste! Tightened and remowed all fuses,cleaned them and sprayed with contact spray! Also checked all fuses in the trunk! Checked under the dash if the VATS cable had fallen off....it hadnt! Sat my self behind the steering wheel and tried....and it fired up:) Waited until the ngine was warm and shut it off! Tried to start again and it did! Shut off and started 10 times more...no problem! So it was just an connection problem...its strange... last summer i cleaned and greased up all ground wires with cobber paste including the battery terminals! But now i remowed the cobber paste from the battery terminals and used original battery terminal grease...that must have been the problem! Thank you guys for the quick help! Roger Martinsen
  17. I hear no clicking when i turn the key...will the starter click if its bad? I will have a look at it tomorrow....i will keep you updated! Thank you!
  18. Are there maybe a fuse related problem? Will check the maxi fuses tomorrow!
  19. No codes att all...that is correct! When we tried to jumpstart it we also tried with a powerful battery booster but absolutly nothing happened! The starter have always done its job so its strange if its bad! Only problem that i have had are the gear shifter that refused to shift! But i will get it towed to the car shop next week and let them check it!
  20. Hey everyone...i think i have the similar problem that Carla has! This morning when i was going to work i turned the key and the "Monotoring system ok" message appeared....but when i tried to start nothing happend! Ran a check for troublecodes through the climate control panel....no codes whats so ever! The battery are only 1,5 years old and the terminals are greased in and tightened! Had a friend to drive me home tonight and we tried to jumpstart it but there are no response! The voltage are good and all cables including groundcables are recently cleaned and greased in! The car have shown no signs of a bad starter or a week battery ever, it ran just fine until i got out this morning and it was dead! I have tried to move the gearshifter and turn the key but it didnt help att all...its just dead! The only thing i can think of right now are the gear shifter mecanism that have been a bit tricky sometimes...one time it wouldnt go from P to D but after a couple of minutes it finally came loose! Another thing that came in mind today are that i put in a resistor between the two thin cable that goes to the VATS system computer...maybe it have fallen off? But in that case it would appear "Theft deterrent" Message in the display...right? Itss no messages whats so ever! Im thinking either the starter or the gear shift mecanism..but woouldnt that set a code? Thanks Roger Martinsen
  21. Hej på er! Jag har under min korta semester inhandlat en Drawtite dragkrok samt monterat denna ihop med en Swedol inköpt ISO stämplad dragkula samt en egen tillverkad hållare för kabeldosan! Enligt Drawtites instruktioner skulle monteringen ta cirka 40 minuter men passformen var inte helt bra så det blev att ta fram borrmaskinen med roterande fil och anpassa hålen lite! Eftersom det ej är populärt att svetsa i kroken så tillverkades en hållare för kabeldosan och skruvades fast med en fästplatta på kroken! Efter cirka 5 tim var krok och kabeldosa på plats och inkopplad! Har kört en hel del med släpkärra denna semestern och det fungerade klanderfritt, återsår ny reg.besiktning hos SBP!
  22. Hi Joeb! Its Svensk Bilprovning AB! An organisation put to together by the swedish goverment....its a lottery every year what they decides what wrong with your car! But if the rack uses bushings then it must be ok...i will check it out!
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