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  1. I used my turn signal switch today and it fell off !!!! I removed the plastic access cover and pulled it out . the arm looks ok, but a gray plastic piece fell out it is busted. is there a seperate plastic mount in there becuse the piece that the arm goes into looks ok to me.. if o buy a new switch does it come with all the parts ????? does any body have a drawing or picture of one ???? I just dont understand how it goes back togther... Thanks for any info.. Hey is it still legal to use hand signals ?????
  2. Where is the Accumulator?? is that want they call the dryer ?? The large aluminum can that has refrigerant pipes hooked to it. Some call it a dryer since it has dessicant material in it. Took car to Shop today, Freon was almost all gone , tech said the compresser might be leaking becuse there was some oily residue around the compresser clutch. he added 1.5 pounds for $ 71.00 , and we will see how lone it takes for that to leak out. I also saw some stop leak additive stuff at autozone today called super seal made by Quest, has anyone used it with good results... I think i will buy a set of gauges now .. saw a cool video at www.efproducts.com shows you how to add r134a .. and some other good info for a A/C newbe like me.. Thanks for your help..
  3. Where is the Accumulator?? is that want they call the dryer ??
  4. OK the compressor fuse is good (tested with ohm meter) I could not see any evidence of Leakage from refrigerant oil. Also I replaced the compressor relay. Made no differance.. I don't have any gauges and no knowledge of A/C systems. whats my next step (get someone to put gauges on it ???) 2 years ago it got low and had to get a charge the tech said he could not find a leak and mybe the schrader valve had a small leak, but no problems after that.. Thanks for any advice.. oh i also checked for codes and did not have any.............
  5. my A/C was blowing nice and cold this morning, got off work and it would only blow hot. The clutch doesen't seem to be engauging (no clicking sound) and the dryer unit is Hot. I replaced the A/C compresser relay but that had no effect... Any advice would be great Thanks...
  6. I pulled into the garage and turned the engine off and the starter keep running!!! Went to get a wrench to unhook battery and by the time i got it disconnected the starter was smoking and the battery was starting to run down. Trying to figure was caused this , Maybe the solonoid went bad ???? Has anyone had this happen to them and if so what fixed it??? Thanks for any info..... 1994 Fleetwood
  7. Does the carpet panel at the lower part of the door come off, Or do I have to take the entire door panel off???? Thanks for any help!!!
  8. Can anybody tell me what switch is the stop light switch.. there are 2 on the brake pedal one on top with 2 connectors 4 pins and one on the bottom with 2 connectors 5 pins when i push the switch on the one with 5 pins the brake to shift light comes on, any help would be great!!! I went to NAPA to get a switch but is was not the same did i pull out the correct switch???
  9. Hey my 1994 fleetwood heater is on the fritz... blower is working good but only blows semi warm air, even after 30 min a freeway speed's.. I replaced the thermostat , That was not the problem.. Do you thing I should get the cooling system power flushed and replace the coolent.. The car only has 40K miles and my have the factory collent.... Thanks for any advice....
  10. hi all: just a quick question, My passenger side power window stopped working yesterday. looks like it's not getting any power, Where should i start? Are these motors fused?? what about relays?? all 3 of the other windows work .... Thanks for any info!!!
  11. I found it!!!! There are two black hoses connected to a red pigtail type connector, (looked like elec but there vacuum lines, I pluged the loose black vac line into the red connector and that fixed it!!!
  12. Does anybody know why my defroster blows cold air when the a/c is on?? and also some air does come out of the a/c vents but it's about 50/50 split between the Defroster vent and the ac vents...... 1994 Fleetwood
  13. There dosent seem too be enough slack for the hose to plug into the programmer but there is one receptical on the end of the programmer empty. I can force it on but it kinda bends the rubber programmer..
  14. I just replaced my Blower motor control module becuse i had no control of the blower it just ran wide open. After putting everything back togther i noticed that cold air from the a/c was comming out of the defroster vent and also the front vents. I removed the passenger side kick panel and found a black plastic air hose disconnected and it sucks air when the cars a/c is running, the line comes in through the firewall.. I can't find where the attach the loose end??? any help would be great!! Thanks
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