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  1. When I set the parking brake, I had to reach under the dash and move a piece on the parking brake assembly to get it to release.
  2. Thanks. On that first pic though, I have an open vacuum line coming towards the engine from the firewall area between the brake booster and where the blower is supposed to be.
  3. Does anyone else have any idea where this open vacuum line connects to? I'm about to just plug it off.
  4. I need help figuring out where this vacuum line is supposed to go. I also have a loose piece of rigid vacuum line. This open line is coming out between the brake booster and where the blower is supposed to be.
  5. I picked up some 16ga steel at Lowe's this morning. Going to try to fab this thing together. Still gotta order up the blower itself.
  6. I am heading to pic and pull next week and I will get you the plastic piece

  7. Well, the timeline to put it on the road greatly depends on the kid getting a job. No job...No car...
  8. Kind of what I was thinking barczy01. I'm thinking of getting some sheet metal and welding a piece to cover the opening. Then cut an opening for the blower.
  9. My research shows that I'm missing BARRIER - GM (89019293). Installation requires removal of the engine?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  10. This is what I see. Looks like I'm missing more than the blower motor but I'm not sure of the part.
  11. I've got an A037 which is "Loss of Instrument Panel Cluster Data". Not sure where to go from here.
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